How to Keep Cats Out

How to Keep Cats Out

Cat sitting in garden.

Keep your cat or other people's cats away. Whether you want to rid your yard of neighbouring cats, or want to keep your cat off garden furniture, plants, etc, we have many solutions that really work!

  • Prevent cats entering protected areas.
  • Keep cats out of garden beds.
  • Stop cats entering your back yard.
  • Keep cats off your car bonnet.
  • Deter your cat from specific behaviour.

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I Want To Make Selected Areas Off-Limits:

Motion Activated Sprinkler

This can be used to deter cats going into garden beds or other undesirable areas. The cat triggers a 3-second burst of water in the direction of the cat. Economical and can cover an area up to 80 square meters.

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Motion Activated Sonic Deterrent

These repel cats using a combination of flashing lights and/or startling sound. The deterrent effect comes from the element of surprise because the device suddenly triggers from the  cats presence. Good for protecting a wide area up to hundreds of square meters.

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Static Drive Away Mats

If your no-go area is close to your house (eg. patio, verandah, garage, etc) then this could be an economical solution. When the cat stands on the electronic mat, a static charge is triggered and your cat will move away. Next time he will think twice before stepping on the mat. This system is best suited to small protection areas out of the weather.

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Electronic Fence Barriers

This deterrent will stop cats coming over your fence. Horizontal wires form the barrier at the top of your existing fence. When a cat tries to push through the barrier it will feel a static charge off the wires. Safe to use, but will get rid of cats completely! It will also keep your cat safely contained in your garden.

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Kitten in garden.

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