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Wireless Dog Electric Fence - Solar Powered
An invisible barrier to stop your dogs disappearing!
AU$ 445.00 445.0 AUD
(292 Ratings)
Extra Radio Collars for Wireless Dog Electric Fence
Add any number of dogs to the system.
AU$ 195.00  AU$ 129.00 129.0 AUD
(84 Ratings)
Collar Upgrade Accessories
Accessories required if upgrading from older battery-only collar:
1/ New User Instructions Manual.
2/ Power Adapter 5volt.
3/ Collar Test Light.
4/ Glue for Correction Probes.
AU$ 26.40 26.4 AUD
Boundary Wire for Wireless Dog Electric Fence (100m) YL
Quality Australian Made Boundary Wire.
AU$ 39.00 39.0 AUD
(52 Ratings)
Boundary Lead-Out / Dual-Wire (25m)
Cancel the signal so your dog's collar does not activate.
AU$ 29.00 29.0 AUD
Boundary Wire Joiner Kit (5pc)
Make a watertight seal when joining the boundary wires.
AU$ 9.00 9.0 AUD
Surge Diverter for Boundary Wire
Added protection from lightning surges.
AU$ 28.00 28.0 AUD
Boundary Wire Tie-Down Pegs (20pc)
Secure the boundary wire to soil or turf with these steel pegs.
AU$ 15.00 15.0 AUD
(4 Ratings)
Boundary Wire Ties (100pc)
Secure the boundary wire to an existing wire fence or other structure.
AU$ 9.00 9.0 AUD
Boundary Training Flags (20pc)
Help your dogs learn their new boundary.
AU$ 16.00 16.0 AUD