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Contain multiple dogs with an invisible barrier.

Economical, inconspicuous, and suitable for small or larger properties.

Prevent Your Dogs

  • Jumping, Climbing & Digging at fences.
  • Digging up your garden.
  • Escaping through an open driveway.
  • Running at speed to escape.

Two Installation Methods

For most situations, the Boundary Wire is installed as a single wire around the containment area. Some situations will require a doubled Boundary Wire.

Before continuing, take a look at the following link: "Boundary Design Examples".

Boundary Design Examples

Checklist before starting this quote:

  1. Check the Boundary Design Examples, and decide on a design suitable to your property.
  2. The Boundary Wire Energiser must be installed in full sun and facing northwards (in Australia). Decide on a suitable location anywhere along the Boundary Wire.
  3. Not suitable for containment areas with a width or length less than 10m. (See this alternative: Pingg-String)
  4. Dogs must be fit to teach. E.g. healthy and teachable.
  5. Puppies must already be lead trained.
  6. Puppies must be at least 6 months old.
  7. Wear time for all brands of collars is a maximum of 12 hours per day. For 24 hour containment choose this alternative: Pingg-String.
  8. Your dog's neck sizes should be between 20cm-62cm.
  9. Not available for sale in S.A and A.C.T. (call Sureguard for assistance).
  10. Not suitable for dangerous dogs.

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What is the total length of containment boundary you want to install?

Read More: Boundary Wire

Will you install as a single wire or doubled wire boundary?

Design Examples

Do you need any Dual-Wire to create non-active lengths of boundary?

Read More: Dual-Wire

Over what length might you want to secure the Boundary Wire to the ground?

Read More: Tie-Down Pegs

Over what length might you want to cable-tie the Boundary Wire to an existing fence?

Read More: Wire Ties

Over what length are Training Flags required?

Read More: Training Flags

How many dogs do you want to contain?

Read More: Extra Dog Collars

How many of your dogs have a neck size less than 40cm?


Do any of your dogs have extra-long fur?

Read More: Long Correction Probes

Do you want to increase the Warranty from 1-Year to 3-Years on the Energiser and Collars?

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