Dog Deterrent - How to Keep Dogs Away

Dog Deterrent - How to Keep Dogs Away

Neighbourhood dog running over to your garden to make an unwanted visit.

Keep neighbourhood dogs out of your yard, off the lawn, grass, garden or anywhere. These electronic repellents will effectively deter stray dogs or neighbour's dogs from visiting and causing a nuisance.

Keeping dogs away has never been easier!

Motion Activated Sprinkler

When an unwanted dog enters your yard, the motion activated sprinkler will let out a short 3-second burst of water that will frighten the dog. Eventually, the dog will begin to associate your yard with this irritant and will stay away.

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 Electronic Pingg-String Barrier

Sureguard invented the Pingg-String barrier. Create an electronic dog fence to keep dogs away from your property. Precisely border any number of garden beds, lawns, etc. Place the Pingg-String wire at the dog's nose height around the areas you want to protect. When the dog tries to push under the wire it will feel a static pulse off the wire and will want to avoid this in future. One device controls any number of dogs. Safe for dogs and children.

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Static Drive Away Trainer Mats

If you have issues with dogs coming close to your house (eg. patio, verandah, garage, etc) then this could be an economical solution. When the dog stands on the electronic mat, a static charge is triggered under its paws. The dog will run away in surprise! This system is best suited to small protection areas out of the weather. Read More...   Sureguard ssScat Mat

 Motion Activated Sonic Deterrent

These repel dogs using a combination of flashing lights and/or startling sound. The deterrent effect comes from the element of surprise. The device is triggered by the dog's movement in front of the sensor.

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Sureguard Dog Deterrent Devices: