Stop Cats on Furniture

Cats on Furniture

Cute fluffy cat sitting on furniture.

Cat hair on furniture, the couch or sofa is a sure sign your cats are climbing your furniture while you're not around. Now you can teach your cats that certain areas are off-limits, even when you are not there!

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Electronic Training Mats

The Sureguard ssScat Mat can be placed at the problem areas:

  • Place on furniture at the spots your cats likes to go.
  • Place on the floor at the entrance to rooms that you want off-limits.

These clear mats have a spiral of two wires woven into the surface of the mat. When your cat walks on the mat the device detect the paws and almost instantly presents a tingling sensation to your cat's paws. Although not painful, it is sufficiently unpleasant that your cats will remember to avoid the mat in future. ssScat Mat devices are recommended by veterinarians, behaviourists and trainers as a safe, effective way to break habitual problems.

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Sureguard Electronic Cat Training Mats: