Cat Scratching

Cat Scratching

Cat with wild expression scratching furniture.

Prevent your cat scratching doors, furniture, carpet, the couch or sofa. Teach your cat proper or safe behaviour using an electronic training aid.

Electronic Training Mats

These clear electronic mats may be placed at the problem areas, around furniture, or in doorways, to limit access by your cat. The mat detects unwanted paws and almost instantly presents a tingling sensation under your cat's feet (no pain). The static tingle under the paws is unpleasant and pets move away. Next time they remember and avoid the mat. It will help you correct unwanted behaviours by conditioning cats to avoid the mat. ssScat Mats are recommended by veterinarians, behaviourists and trainers as a safe, effective way to break habitual problems. No more catscratch!

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Sureguard Cat Training Mats: