Sureguard Replacement Collar Fabric for Neck Sizes 20-40cm

Replacement Collar Fabric for Neck Sizes 20-40cm (for 2018+ Collars)

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Replacement dog collar fabric for neck sizes 20cm to 40cm.

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Replacement Collar Fabric

For the current model Sureguard Radio Collar

Sureguard has contracted a leading collar manufacturer to produce this top quality collar. The materials have been selected for longevity and strength. The collar fabric is made from UV stabilised TPU and incorporates a strong nylon inner core. This material is strong yet flexible. A fine texture to the fabric gives it a smart apprearance. The buckle is a chrome plated brass and the fasteners are steel.


  • Overall Length: 45cm
  • Neck Sizes: 20cm to 40cm
  • Positioning Holes: Every 1.5cm