Pingg-String Fence Energiser: Dogs Cats Pets Possums

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An instant barrier without any animal training.

Average Rating: 4.8

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Create a Customised Barrier for Dogs, Cats & Possums

This Pingg-String Energiser Powers Your Barrier.

NOTE: Fence components sold separately

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Dog Fence    Cat Fence    Possum Fence

  • Stop your dogs escaping.
  • Prevent other peoples dogs entering.
  • Protect one or more areas, like garden beds, lawn areas, etc.
  • Give your cat freedom to roam your garden.
  • Prevent other peoples cats entering your garden.
  • The most economical, inconspicuous, full garden, cat containment you'll find.
  • Protect individual plants from possums.
  • Economical full yard protection.
  • Recommended by leading landscape gardeners.

How does the Pingg-String work?

The Pingg-String Energizer applies an electronic pulse to the barrier wires. It feels like common static electricity. As the animal pushes into the wires it is repelled by the pulse. The animal learns not to repeat the experience.

Sureguard invented the Pingg-String System in 1997 as a safe, effective & humane barrier for small animals. It is recognised by the NSW Department of Primary Industries as a safe allowable device for dogs & cats and is listed as an allowable device in the NSW Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1979 (2000 Revision). By contrast, electric fences are not allowed to be used for dogs & cats. Beware of our imitators!

There are two types of Pingg-String installation:

Both are powered by this Pingg-String Energizer.
The barrier kits are sold separately so you only need to buy what you need.

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How to install your fence:

Ground Barrier Instructions:
 Ground   Barrier   

Fence-Top Instructions:
Fence-Top Barrier

Outstanding Features

Fast Installation & Results

Pingg-String kits have been designed for fast and easy installation. You don't need to be an electrician or technically minded to install these kits. Please download the Installation Guide for more details.

Installation Guide

Latest Solar Panel & Battery Technologies

Not just for the Australian sun. Pingg-String has outstanding fence performance even in prolonged cloudy conditions. Check our world-wide solar specification.

Solar Specification

Fast Charging is Convenient to Use
Never used solar before? Don't worry! Your Pingg-String Energizer charges very quickly. *In full sunlight about 60 minutes per day. In cloud, a few hours; that's all.
Whatever Design You Imagine

The Pingg-String System is extremely versatile. Basic components are combined to achieve your desired design.

Recommended Maximum Distance Rating for Ground Kit (1-Wire): 400m (1350ft)

Recommended Maximum Distance Rating for Fence-Top (4-Wire): 200m (670ft)

Weight: 0.9kg (32oz)

Dimensions: 195mm Wide. 100mm High. 220mm Deep. (4.95" x 3.95" x 8.65").

Battery Life: 5 to 8 years, under typical operating conditions. Battery Technology LiFePO4.

Running Time in Cloud: Continuous.  Click for more details: Solar Power.  (Not suited to persistently foggy properties. or snow covered panel.) .

  • Solar Powered Pingg-String Energiser
  • User Instructions

Customer Reviews

Excellent product. Easy to install. Our cats now play outside and we know they are safe. Thanks for being on Better Homes and Gardens.

B Harrington

So far so good! The dogs next door haven't ventured back under our fence and I just feel safer leaving my dog at home knowing there is a deterrent for the dogs which were attacking mine. Thank you!

Rebecca Eve

This product is unbelievable. My dog was a serial and determined digger and escape artist and since installing this product, within 20 minutes he doesn't go anywhere near the fences anymore. It is incredibly easy to install and only took about 1 hour to set up a line around my whole yard (about 60 - 70m). I would (and have been) recommending this product to all my friends who have escaping dogs.

  • All Reviews

    25 / 306
    Kristen Hatt
    Rating: 5/5
    Works a Treat
    From the ease of use on the website, emailing to see if my proposed plan would work, ordering and installing everything has been fantastic. Our plants are finally growing. Friends of ours have now ordered the possum wire for their place. It's the only thing that has ever worked and it's perfect
    Anne-Marie Flenley
    Rating: 5/5
    Excellent Product
    We have two teenage cats, of which one is a climber and escape artist. We needed to make the yard safe and remove the eyesore of plastic fencing that we had added to over the past year. Found Pingg-String on line, discussed our requirements over the phone, product was ordered and delivered ever so quickly. We had to rebuild one side fence, made 3 new gates and then installed the "Ping" - wow what a change it made, from a cat that was forever looking for an escape route and walking the fences, there have been a couple of "zaps" and now we have two very contented cats both very happy to go out in their yard and we are so pleased now that we don't have to worry about their whereabouts. Love that you can hardly see it on the fence. We won't have a problem if the local council brings in a cat curfew. And the cats share the yard with our veggie garden, no possums ☺and no issues from stray cats either ☺
    Rating: 5/5
    Keeps the Neighbour's Cat Out
    The neighbour's cat was coming into my yard and fighting with my old cat and also coming into the house via the cat door and eating my cat's food. We installed Sureguard fence in a couple of hours. Problem solved.
    James H Fairley
    Rating: 5/5
    Sureguard Electric Fencing
    This has been one of the great purchases we have made. We live in the inner city and now have a cat, which we do not wish to see chasing the native birds in the area. The fence was easy to install, and went up quickly and is working well. Our cat no longer tests it after a first experience. When I say first experience, there were multiple attempts. The first nearly causing her to fall off the ladder, but thereafter there were quite a few new tentative approaches, not as severe but enough to let her know it was not a good idea. We have set up the system for day only and keep her inside at night, which is great. She enjoys being able to go in and out all day, she is happy as are we. One thought, we live in the inner city and with lack of sun a problem, we have been forced to place the system on the roof, and out of reach. If we had a separate solar panel, we could keep the system close for monitoring. We have had on instance of neighbors having a party and tampering with the system. Fortunately it was at night, so no problems' The alarm went off in the morning when it tried to restart. It was easily fixed and no damage done. Great result!
    Peter Wallis
    Rating: 5/5
    molly houdini
    our bull arab recently saved from the pound where she had been surrendered because the previous owners could not keep her in,has been educated to stay away from the fence and now realises that she is on a good thing and no longer tries to escape.
    Dot Paull
    Rating: 5/5
    Sure guard cat fencing.
    As soon as my handyman had installed the string fence top all around and we had blocked any other escape routes I watched my two 9 month old cats wander the back yard like they had not before. They looked at the fence without even trying to climb over, I never saw them touch the wires and don't think they did but they haven't got out since. After 4 days & nights of having access to the house and backyard (shared with two dogs) they have settled down and only occasionally glance at the fence line. Sureguard has solved my problem of cats wandering where they could have got hurt and is not intrusive visually. Thanks for a great product.
    Nestor Palma
    Rating: 5/5
    Pingg Solar Electric Fence
    This product works so well in keeping our dogs and chicken away from specific areas in our backyard. It also prevents the neighbors' cats from going to our property.
    Rating: 5/5
    Happy customer
    Easy to install. Cats got out a couple of times after installing the fence but now they don’t go near it. Good result.
    Peter Kelly
    Rating: 3/5
    Possum deterrence
    So far so good. We installed the pingg fence set up about a month ago. So far it appears to have deterred possums as there is no evidence of possum poo under the pagoda and its vine that I want to protect. Keeping fingers crossed as the vine buds and bursts.
    Alan George
    Rating: 5/5
    Pingg String Electric Dog Fence.
    I had a problem with my Jack Russell dogs climbing over my fences. I saw this product on the web and ordered the full set up for my yard. I got a phone call the following day clarifying my order and suggesting that I may have ordered too many components. The result was a saving of over $150.00, how's that for service. I set it up around my backyard but was a little skeptical about it because it didn't work at first - no power running through the wires. Turned out I hadn't earthed it properly. Once I got it working within 5 minutes I heard a couple of small whimpers from my dogs and they haven't been near the fence since. When I let then out of the yard they are even wary about going near any other fences. Great product and great service. Highly recommended, it worked for me.
    Rhonda Daley
    Rating: 5/5
    Ping String fence
    15 years ago I bought my first ping fence when my new puppy insisted on destroying my garden. I have now upgraded to the new ping fence as I find it of great value and excellent in keeping my dogs off my garden. It even deters the possums. Cannot recommend this product nor the helpful staff more highly.
    Toni Robertson
    Rating: 5/5
    This works really well
    We eventually got our fence installed and working about 6 months ago. Our cat tried to get out once, just after it was installed, but hasn't tried again. It has been very reliable, we are delighted with it and we recommend it to anyone who wants to keep their cats safe in their yards.
    Larissa Thomas
    Rating: 5/5
    Very effective
    This product worked almost instantly, it only took 1 or 2 zaps and our dogs never went near the fence again. Very effective!
    Albert Kaminsky
    Rating: 5/5
    No more possums running along my fence to eat my trees. The somewhat tedious installation process is worth it.
    Mattias S Mazza
    Rating: 5/5
    Great product, easy to install
    Everything was easy to install with well-written instructions. Also installation was very quick. Had no problems with possums so far so it's a thumbs up.
    Les Cutler
    Rating: 4/5
    Well made product
    Installed for possum control. Energiser/Fence Control appears to be well made and designed well for its use. Took a little getting used to the sequence of button pushing but I am very happy with the Unit and all its accessories .
    Fleur Doonan
    Rating: 5/5
    Great customer service and product
    Brilliant idea and it works perfectly. My Labrador has got zapped once and has never returned to my vege garden. They called me back straight away with a detailed explanation on how to put it together. Really helpful happy service over the phone. Highly recommend this product.
    Keith Carroll
    Rating: 5/5
    Possums - Be Gone!
    I had possums stripping our trees bare, relentlessly invading despite trying everything from sprays, plastic owls, name it. I read the reviews for Pingg String and decided to give it a go expecting a 50/50 outcome. I knew the access route the furry little buggers were using to our property so I set up the system to block that access. Installation was easy (following the instructions) and took only a few hours to set up. It worked brilliantly. It had now been over 4 weeks and NO POSSUMS. Our trees thank you very much as they begin to recover.
    Blair Smith
    Rating: 5/5
    My dog was digging alone the fence line. He touched it twice on the first day and now doesn’t go near the fence. Couldn’t be happier and good knowing he won’t dig out
    James Nelson
    Rating: 5/5
    Very well designed
    Very well designed product, works extremely well, logical and intuitive, support is also great.
    Sarah Ellis
    Rating: 5/5
    Fantastic product
    We purchased the Pingg-String Electric Fence: Dogs Cats Pets Possums and installed it on two suburban wooden fences to deter possums from eating our blossom trees, roses, and destroying our garden. It works!!!! We have buds on our crab apple and flowering apricot, which we haven't had for several years. We contacted the supplier a couple of times for help with the installation and the person on the other end of the phone was very patient with us and extremely helpful. I cannot recommend this product highly enough. Thanks Sureguard.
    Keith Kite
    Rating: 5/5
    We installed about a month ago, our rag doll cat, with long hair, squeezed between the fence and the first wire and got out twice, but we sorted that, another time he jumped over gate, got a jolt, and broke bracket in process. But since then, even though he is still looking, it has kept him in. We are very grateful, as it’s been a year long trial of many things to come to this. We would highly recommend the product and also the staff, for helping us keep Houdini in and safe,
    Sally McBride
    Rating: 5/5
    Best System Ever
    With two would be Houdinis Burmese cats I tried everything to keep them safe within my inner suburban courtyard including other systems attached to my fences which they merrily skipped right over. Then came the Ping String and safety and harmony was restored! These guys are great, fantastic customer service when my old system finally had it's day and the new version is wonderful.
    Glenn Kinder
    Rating: 5/5
    Ping string electric fence
    We had a serious problem with possums coming into our back yard and eating all our vegetables and flowers causing our dog to bark and continuously waking us up, don’t waste your time goggling all the products that say they’re a deterrent because they don’t work, spikes, plastic owls, moth balls, sprays are all futile possums are extremely clever and relentless but this product works! We had it installed 4 weeks ago with amazing success our plants are growing and we finally have peace and quiet. Very easy to install, solar powered and not cheaply built to couple this probably the best service and back up I have experienced ever from Michael and Brad they were amazing! Very very happy.
    Rating: 5/5
    Sureguard Product Review
    The Sureguard system certainly kept the possums away! My Robinia used to be annihilated every summer and I even took the trouble of wrapping chicken wire around the entire tree, which took ages and was a problem when the branches start to grow out of the wire. I have never been able to enjoy my tree until Sureguard was installed. Now my tree has a chance to grow. The possums are discouraged off very effectively! It is also easy to troubleshoot and the solar powered unit works marvellously without extra cost on my electricity bill,

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