Pingg-String Electric Fence for Dogs Cats Pets and Repel Possums

Pingg-String Fence Energiser: Dogs Cats Pets Possums

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An instant barrier without any animal training.

Average Rating: 4.8

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Create a Customised Barrier for Dogs, Cats & Possums

This Pingg-String Energiser Powers Your Barrier.

NOTE: Fence components sold separately

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Dog Fence    Cat Fence    Possum Fence

  • Stop your dogs escaping.
  • Prevent other people's dogs from entering.
  • Protect one or more areas, like garden beds, lawn areas, etc.
  • Give your cat freedom to roam your garden.
  • Prevent other people's cats from entering your garden.
  • The most economical, inconspicuous, full garden, cat containment you'll find.
  • Protect individual plants from possums.
  • Economical full yard protection.
  • Recommended by leading landscape gardeners.

How does the Pingg-String work?

The Pingg-String Energizer applies an electronic pulse to the barrier wires. It feels like common static electricity. As the animal pushes into the wires it is repelled by the pulse. The animal learns not to repeat the experience.

Sureguard invented the Pingg-String System in 1997 as a safe, effective & humane barrier for small animals. It is recognised by the NSW Department of Primary Industries as a safe allowable device for dogs & cats and is listed as an allowable device in the NSW Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1979 (2000 Revision). By contrast, electric fences are not allowed to be used for dogs & cats. Beware of our imitators!

There are two types of Pingg-String installation:

Both are powered by this Pingg-String Energizer.
The barrier kits are sold separately so you only need to buy what you need.

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How to install your fence:

Ground Barrier Instructions:
 Ground   Barrier   

Fence-Top Instructions:
Fence-Top Barrier

Outstanding Features

Fast Installation & Results

Pingg-String kits have been designed for fast and easy installation. You don't need to be an electrician or technically minded to install these kits. Please download the Installation Guide for more details.

Installation Guide

Latest Solar Panel & Battery Technologies

Not just for the Australian sun. Pingg-String has outstanding fence performance even in prolonged cloudy conditions. Check our world-wide solar specification.

Solar Specification

Fast Charging is Convenient to Use
Never used solar before? Don't worry! Your Pingg-String Energizer charges very quickly. *In full sunlight about 60 minutes per day. In cloud, a few hours; that's all.
Whatever Design You Imagine

The Pingg-String System is extremely versatile. Basic components are combined to achieve your desired design.

Recommended Maximum Distance Rating for Ground Kit (1-Wire): 400m (1350ft)

Recommended Maximum Distance Rating for Fence-Top (4-Wire): 200m (670ft)

Weight: 0.9kg (32oz)

Dimensions: 195mm Wide. 100mm High. 220mm Deep. (4.95" x 3.95" x 8.65").

Battery Life: 5 to 8 years, under typical operating conditions. Battery Technology LiFePO4.

Running Time in Cloud: Continuous.  Click for more details: Solar Power.  (Not suited to persistently foggy properties. or snow covered panel.) .

Compliant with Australian Standards: AS/NZS CISPR 14.1.2021

  • Solar Powered Pingg-String Energiser
  • User Instructions

Customer Reviews

Excellent product. Easy to install. Our cats now play outside and we know they are safe. Thanks for being on Better Homes and Gardens.

B Harrington

So far so good! The dogs next door haven't ventured back under our fence and I just feel safer leaving my dog at home knowing there is a deterrent for the dogs which were attacking mine. Thank you!

Rebecca Eve

This product is unbelievable. My dog was a serial and determined digger and escape artist and since installing this product, within 20 minutes he doesn't go anywhere near the fences anymore. It is incredibly easy to install and only took about 1 hour to set up a line around my whole yard (about 60 - 70m). I would (and have been) recommending this product to all my friends who have escaping dogs.

  • All Reviews

    25 / 339
    Mandy Ford
    Rating: 5/5
    Excellent solution
    We have two cats that were roaming and the ping string has be a great solution. So effective and efficient delivery. Great support. I highly recommend to keep your cats safe but give them some freedom.
    Anthony Murray
    Rating: 5/5
    Perfect for keeping my cat safe and in the yard, and others out
    Brilliant addition to my yard, gives the Cat complete freedom inside and out 24/7 and safely inside my property. Had one prior so we are happy customers now for 8 years plus. With Cat curfews becoming more common in some suburbs these should become a regular feature of many backyards. [EDITOR: Yes, with cat curfews you definitely need a solution that works as close to 100% as possible.]
    Ross Laws
    Rating: 5/5
    Sueeguaed pest control SYSTEM
    Having tried every suggested remedy to stop possums eating all the new growth of my garden, I came across a product called SUREGUARD. Reading the marketing info,it sounded too good to be true. I purchased the unit which was easy to install, The results were fantastic, I haven't seen a possum since, what a brilliant product and highly recommend it.
    Rating: 5/5
    dog barrier
    My dog and the neighbours dog both run the fence line barking at each other and also fight at the fence jumping on it. It took three goes for my dog to go through the Pingg line,, but after that it has deterred him from running the fence line and it keeps a barrier between him and the neighbours dog. Definitely works a treat.
    Alison Kenny
    Rating: 5/5
    Cat/ possum Ping Fence
    We’ve previously purchased and we’re so happy worked at treat! We moved and was a no brainer for our new place, Keeping out two pussy cat escape Artists in and others out! We had a local installer in Melbourne ( Enzo) very professional and did a great job! Happy Days
    Peter Good
    Rating: 5/5
    Great product for ringtail possums
    It does what it says on the box, but you have to install it carefully and make sure you cover all access points. We still have one possum that seems immune to electric shocks, but the rest of the family is suitable dissuaded and steers clear. Enough to rescue our maple tree.
    Ann Johnson
    Rating: 5/5
    Pingg - String Fence Energisr
    I purchased in December '21. It was easy to set up and I haven't had any issues since.
    Lisa White
    Rating: 5/5
    pesky possums
    This product saved my garden. We had spent major $ on mature trees for instant privacy screening and the possums shredded it within weeks. we added sure guard to the boundary fences and we now have a lush garden. It totally works, possums are not injured, they have just found more comfortable grazing grounds! All my friends are installing it now.
    Richard Batson
    Rating: 5/5
    Grapevine not possums
    PingString has been great at keeping possums off my pergola with an ornamental grapevine growing on it. Was easy to set up and install.
    Rating: 5/5
    Fantastic product to keep your cat safe, and keep other cats out of your backyard
    My cat has been attacked by other cats twice in the past a few months, she was bitten very badly and got infection, I had to take her to the vet each time, costs were well over $500, not to mention that we had to flush her wound for two weeks to help her to heal, on top of that she was at risk of getting FIV. I looked online for solutions to keep her safe and at the same time to keep other cats out. Plus, I wanted to give her as much as freedom possible hence she loves to have her freedom. So I ruled out the confined netting area because it's limiting her freedom too much, and the fence top netting because that doesn't guarantee to keep other cats out. So I went for Sureguard fence top ping wire system. We ended up installing it by ourselves to save on cost, our garden is about 65 metre of boundary fence, part colorbond, part timber, to simplify it, we used the bird netting to block top of the gate, bought the screws from hardware shop. Total cost was $490 Sureguard including the energizer, plus small cost of screws and drillbit. Which is many times cheaper than the cat nets option. Brad from Sureguard has been wonderful helping me along the way, answered my questions, which made the whole installation smooth. The only thing you need to pay attention to is if there are any gaps between the ping wire and top or edge of fence, no other gaps around fence, no overhanging branches. My cat did get out once because I left a gap and I have since blocked the gap with the plastic gutter guard roll, and she hasn't been able to get out since. And no other cats have been able to come in to bother her either. I am very happy with Sureguard and the help I received from Brad. Highly recommend this product.
    Rating: 5/5
    Cat owners, you can’t afford to NOT have one!
    As a cat owner, I have gone to great lengths to keep my cat in my back yard. He is a little Houdini. I had cat rollers on fences; until he figured out how to get his paw on the fence without it spinning… I had wire mesh on the rain water tank to stop him using that to get over the fence; until he started using it to get on the roof and jumping off the roof to the front lawn. I had a GPS tracker tag on his collar… Finally, enter the pingg-string! I protected about 50m of fencing in about 6 hours. Two side fences, one rear fence and two front/side gates. It was simple and easy to install. The only tools I needed were a drill and a pop rivet gun. I highly recommend securing them with pop rivets as it’s fast, easy, fits tightly and neatly with no fuss. I have not had an escaping cat since, nor have I had any strays in my yard since. Such a great working product and the customer service is great too! I connected one part wrong (after hours) and had a phone call the next day to walk me through correcting it.
    Noel Thompson
    Rating: 5/5
    Cat Proof
    Wandering cats now stay in their own backyard. Not hard to install and is working well. The energizer has not run short of power.
    Deborah Wilson
    Rating: 5/5
    Pingg string - cat enclosure
    Really happy with this product. Quite easy to install and you can hardly see the wires. So far it’s working exactly like it says and our cat is getting the use of our large garden. It’s a small price to pay to keep him safe :)
    Brett Tomkins
    Rating: 4/5
    Sureguard ground barrier
    We have a great dog but he loves escaping by digging under the fence, causing my missus great consternation. Found Sureguard after lots of searching around and liked the idea of buying from an Australian made and owned company. After contacting sureguard over the phone for help they promptly rang me back from sales and recommended the ground barrier ping string. Sureguard put the order through and sent straight away on express post. Unfortunately, and this is NOT the fault of Sureguard, the plebs at Startrack Express didn't tell anyone that they don't send express post to P.O. Boxes and it took 3 weeks (I live in remote FNQ) so please keep that in mind when ordering. Once the unit arrived we were so excited to not have to keep our dog on a leash anymore. Unfortunately, after lots of frustration and swearing, we rang support and they diagnosed that the unit had a faulty transformer and it needed to be sent back for repair. While indeed frustrating after waiting so long for the product, support were very helpful and after sending the product back it was repaired very quickly and sent back via paid express post within 5 days (this time to home address). Since re-installing the product it has been brilliant. Completely stopped our Dog Gus in his tracks and he doesn't want to go within 1 metre of it. Problem solved, Thanks Sureguard.
    Peter Algie
    Rating: 5/5
    Hey good looking
    The Sureguard Pung String Energiser unit is a very attractive unit solid in construction weather proof. Very easy to install and product installation guide easy to understand. Very pleased with my purchase.
    Rating: 5/5
    Pingg string for fence tops
    This product is fit for purpose, effective and discreet. Well done on fence top ping string. Communication with the team in Lismore has been helpful with measurements and adequate product shipped. Team available for over the phone advice and nervousness about putting the pingg string up. I researched alot of options before committing to pingg string fencetop. I am very happy and had mmediate results with keeping my two cats in and roaming cats out. Recommend highly
    Serge Navarro
    Rating: 5/5
    Great kit
    I found this kit to be very easy to use, the installation was fairly long given the area but after a few months it seems to be working *fingers crossed* no more critters eating our plants. Given we installed it coming into winter, it was difficult to get enough sun to power the unit for day and night operation so I switched it to night only - seems to be working well so far. It would be great if it had a better method to mount it (e.g. a pole or saddle brackets to put it onto a fence or wall?) I currently just have it sitting flat on the roof because i've not yet found the right mounting attachment for it. I appreciate many people have different use cases for this, but maybe some recommendations for basic installation or attachments should be included or made available
    Rating: 5/5
    Great product - very happy
    We got the ping sting fence product to try and keep out cat in post change in council laws. Overall i would give 5 stars *Customer service was great - i called and explained the distances i needed to cover over the phone, they were able to explain what products i needed to do the job and placed the order at that point * installation on top of the fence was pretty straight forward - i do not we had done some prep work over the previous months, some trees were cut down, we needed the back fence to be replaced etc. * finally - product worked from day one, out cat got a little tap post us turning on and since has not escalated the backyard So overall really happy with the product, set up etc, great investment
    Nestor Palma
    Rating: 5/5
    Ping Solar Electric Fence
    My original Ping lasted more than 5 years. The new Ping got a better Off/On Switch that I hope will last much longer.
    Rob & Liz Anderson
    Rating: 5/5
    Top Product That Solves the Problem!
    This is our second purchase of this product as we were extremely pleased with how effective this fence is. With problem dogs who love to escape from the yard, dig up our gardens, menace the next door neighbours dog plus attack and kill our chooks, this has been a life saver. Brilliant performance, easy to set up, covers all areas, instantly effective and it now makes for more relaxed pet owners. Used with young grandkids about who quickly learn not to touch it but the zap is not painful - mostly a fright with a gentle shock. Best investment.
    Nick Burne
    Rating: 5/5
    Possum Protection
    What a great product that does what it says it will do.
    Rating: 5/5
    The last two years I have been more anxious about possums than Covid. I put in a new garden and the possums were like a plague, eating every new leaf, buds and even the bark of my new advanced trees. Tried everything. I am still haunted by the smell of Napthalene. Put up Sureguard and life was suddenly good and the the trees are now green. Bliss.
    Ross Laws
    Rating: 5/5
    The total package
    This is a great product and since installation ( which was easy) we haven't seen one possum. An excellent result
    Caroline Graham
    Rating: 5/5
    Absolutely love it!
    We have used this product previously and just purchased another one. It is the only system that actually kept the possums off our hedges and now we are using it to stop our dogs damaging our plants. Huge success.
    Kaye McConnell
    Rating: 5/5
    Ping fence
    Excellent works well thank u

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