Ultrasonic Fox Lights

How to keep foxes out of your garden or farm

How it Works

When the fox comes within range of its in-built motion sensor, the Sureguard ScareCrow automatically emits a 10 second burst of high intensity ultrasonic sound and intense strobe flashing lights. This startles the fox and teaches it to stay away from this area. Unlike deterrents that operate continuously, the Sureguard ScareCrow waits for the fox to come into range before activating. This makes the function unpredictable and therefore more effective.

In addition, using HypersoundTM Technology, the ScareCrow emits the strongest deterrent to move pests on yet is barely audible to human ears. This innovative device is both humane and environmentally friendly.

One Sureguard Scarecrow can cover over 700 square meters!

Powered by a generously sized solar panel.

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