Scarecrow 360 - Keep Foxes Away!

Scarecrow 360 Fox Repellent

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Keep Foxes Away! Powerful 3-Way Action.

Average Rating: 3.0

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Keep Foxes Away!

Powerful 3-Way Repelling Actions in All Directions

How it Works

The Sureguard ScareCrow 360° is a new and innovative way to keep foxes out of an area. It’s environmentally friendly, humane and a safe alternative to chemical repellents. 

Sureguard's ScareCrow 360o uses THREE repelling actions that are active horizontally in all directions, 360-degrees. So no matter which direction the fox comes from, the deterrent will be active.

Three Repelling Actions:
  • Blue Sentinel Lights flash to deter foxes up to 200m at night. This simulates human activity that can make foxes feel confused, disrupted or vulnerable. When foxes sense danger or confrontation, they generally choose safety and retreat.
  • Close up, Motion Sensors detect the body heat of foxes. This triggers Powerful Ultrasonic Sound and Bright White Flashing Lights.
  • The combined flashing pattern of the White Lights and Blue Sentinel Lights simulate an Up-Down Motion of the device that foxes are particularly wary of at night.

Outsmart Your Fox!

A successful fox control plan begins when you know how foxes think and behave. Foxes do not like feeling confused, disrupted, or vulnerable. If a fox senses danger or confrontation, it will choose safety.

So, what can you do to make a fox feel vulnerable and view your property as too risky and dangerous?

Firstly, locate the fox’s entry point to your property. The entry point is where the fox decides whether it is safe to enter. Creating doubt and suspicion at the entry point triggers the fox’s “sensory alarms” before it even sets foot on your property. Installing the Scarecrow 360° at the entry point will make this area as unwelcoming as possible.

Finding where a fox comes into your property is one of the most significant tactical advantages you can have in the battle to keep foxes away.

Secondly, secure the target area. That could be your poultry shed, a pet enclosure, or the local fauna. So, for example, suppose the fox can approach the poultry shed from any direction. In that case, we recommend surrounding the shed with two or three Scarecrow 360° units. Then at least one deterrent has a line of sight on the fox.

Finally, do not switch off the Scarecrow 360° when the job is done. Foxes will check periodically. Don’t let down your guard!


  • Blue Sentinel Lights effectively keep foxes at a distance.
  • HypersoundTM Technology that projects high-intensity multiple frequency waves toward the fox for maximum deterrence.
  • Two selectable operating modes can protect at night or 24-hours a day.
  • Solar-powered with an internal lithium rechargeable battery for day and night operation.
  • Operating Modes: Two - Night Only or 24-Hours.
  • Operating Heights: Zero, 50mm, 170mm, 290mm.
  • Motion Sensors: Three (3).
  • Ultrasonic Speakers: Three (3).
  • Blue Sentinel Lights: Six (6). (The Sentinel Lights may be switched off.)
  • White Lights: Six (6).
  • Detection Distance: Up to 8m (25ft) for most animals. (Less for small animals).
  • Sonic Output Intensity (max.): 110dB @ 10cm, 90dB @1m.
  • Sonic Frequencies: Twelve bands between 15kHz and 50kHz.
  • Motion Sensor: Triggers a 15 seconds preset light and sound sequence. It can be immediately retriggered on movement.
  • Dimensions:
    • Controller(WDH): 115mm x 115mm x 150mm
    • Mounting Post: 360mm
    • Overall Height: 510mm.
  • Weight:
    • Controller: 365g (12.8oz).
    • Post 45g (1.6oz).
  • Battery: Lithium 18650 3.7 volts 1.8AH
  • Enclosure: Weather resistant to IP44.

  • All Reviews

    3 / 3
    Linda Mayer
    Rating: 4/5
    I think it works
    I bought so many different fox repelers, I don't need Christmas lights for the farm. The fox did come in and take my chickens but not where this device was. Could be chance, who knows. One thing is for sure, with all the device types I bought this one has worked as it should continuously for so far a month in rain and sunshine. It has not been defective like so many of the others.
    Rating: 4/5
    Keeps them away for the coop!
    We have 4 acre property with a decent size chicken coop and run We've put 2 of the Scarecrow 360 Fox Repellent devices about 4 Meter front and rear of the coop. We know a fox is coming onto the property every night because of dropping but it is staying away from the proximity of the coop and there is no evidence of foxes digging anywhere near coop. I will be buying more to put around the property. I really think that this device works! Just needs the right set up and incorporated with fencing
    Kent Hoi
    Rating: 1/5
    Totally useless
    A zero star is more appropriate. I lost all my chicken because the fox basically ignored the device and massacred all my silkies. Had video evidence to show the device was working and the fox was triggering the flashing lights. The fox even walked past the device to the chicken coop. [EDITOR: We are really sorry to hear your story. It was unfortunate after about six months the device failed you on one night. As previously advised, the Pingg-String electric fence system we have is much closer to 100% protection that would have been ideal for your small suburban property. In rural situations, the foxes are kept at much greater distance by the blue sentinel light with less chance of them getting close to their goal.]

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