How to Stop a Dog Digging

How to Stop a Dog Digging

Some dogs are escape artists. You come home to find your dog has dug under the fence and escaped once again! Don't worry, unwanted digging behaviour can be changed!

Stop your dog digging his way out of your yard with one of these highly effective electronic dog fences.

Electronic Pingg-String Barrier

The Sureguard Pingg-String Electronic Dog Fence is an economical and very effective way to keep dogs away from any area. Ideal for small yards as it can precisely define your dog's boundary without taking much area away.  Place the Pingg-String wire at the dog's nose height around the areas you want to protect. When your dog pushes against the wire your dog will feel a static pulse. One device controls any number of dogs. Safe for dogs and children.

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Wireless Dog Electric Fence

A versatile invisible barrier. Bury a single piece of wire around the perimeter fence you want to protect. A radio signal comes off the wire. A special collar is worn by each dog. The collar receives this signal when close to the wire. This activates a repelling static pulse to the neck. Best suited to yards at least 15m wide or long.

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Dog digging a hole next to a fence with his head in the hole.

Sureguard Products for dogs that dig: