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Scarecrow Motion Activated Sprinkler - Solar Powered
A startling burst of water that scares most animals and birds.
AU$ 129.00 129.0 AUD
(195 Ratings)
Scarecrow Sprinkler (Carton of 6)
Bulk Buy. Save 20% - $150 !
AU$ 774.00  AU$ 624.00 624.0 AUD
Pingg-String Electric Fence: Dogs Cats Pets Possums
An instant barrier without any animal training.
AU$ 249.00 249.0 AUD
(333 Ratings)
Pingg-String Fence-Top Barrier (15m Starter Kit)
Starter Kit. Extend as required.
AU$ 310.00 310.0 AUD
Wireless Dog Electric Fence - Solar Powered
An invisible barrier to stop your dogs disappearing!
AU$ 390.00 390.0 AUD
(274 Ratings)
Ultrasonic Outdoor Bark Control
Control nuisance barking discretely and silently!
AU$ 39.00 39.0 AUD
(78 Ratings)
Ultrasonic Outdoor Bark Control (2-pack)
Buy 2 for better results.
AU$ 78.00  AU$ 65.00 65.0 AUD
(4 Ratings)
Ultrasonic Outdoor Bark Control (5-pack)
Buy 5. Cover a several areas.
AU$ 195.00  AU$ 129.00 129.0 AUD
Scarecrow Motion Activated Ultrasonic Repellent - Solar Powered
So, you SERIOUSLY want to get rid of pests?...
AU$ 129.00 129.0 AUD
(6 Ratings)
Rechargeable Radio Collar for Wireless Dog Electric Fence
Add any number of dogs to the system.
AU$ 195.00 195.0 AUD
(65 Ratings)