How to Stop a Dog Chewing

How to Stop a Dog Chewing

Puppies naturally chew as part of their teething process. They also explore and learn about the world around them. However, older puppies and dogs that chew destructively may have formed a bad habit that should be trained out.

Use a training aid in addition to the following suggestions to gain control over this bad habit:

  • Provide chew toys for your dogs. Toys should be the right size and made specifically for dogs. Avoid toys that look like household items.
  • Initially, only provide one chew toy at a time. Too many toys can make it difficult to teach a dog that only specific items are acceptable to chew on.
  • Place anything that might tempt your dog out of reach (shoes, socks and books).
  • Dog's interested in chewing furniture, rugs, carpets, can be controlled using an electronic training mat. This will keep these things off-limits.
  • Correct your dog by pulling him away from the furniture and placing one of his toys in front of him. Each time he chews on the toy praise him.
  • Give your dog sufficient exercise every day or he might turn his energies into destructive chewing when left alone.
  • Always for the training guidelines included with the training device.

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Funny cute poodle has just exited the bathroom with a toilet paper roll that he has chewed.

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