How to get rid of Possums

How to get rid of Possums

Are possums unwanted visitors in your garden?
Are they eating and damaging your plants?
Are they causing your dog to nuisance bark?

Motion Activated Sprinkler

This can be used to deter possums at ground level or them running along fences. The motion of the possum triggers a 3-second burst of water in the direction of the possum. Economical and can cover an area up to 80 square meters.

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Motion Activated Ultrasonic

Ultrasonic repellents work best at keeping possums off or out of your home. (Not recommended to stop possums eating your garden). Mount the device close to the problem area.

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Electronic Fence Barriers

This deterrent will stop possums using your fence as a pathway. Horizontal wires form the barrier at the top of your existing fence. When a possum makes contact with the wires it will feel a static charge off the wires. Safe to use, but will get rid of possums effectively!

Now you can get rid of your unwanted possums with these quick and effective solutions.

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Possum looking for food: new shoots of a deciduous tree.

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