Keeping Dogs out of Waste Bins

Keeping Dogs out of Waste Bins

Puppy has knocked over the waste (trash) bin looking for food scraps.

You return home only to find the garbage bin waste strewn all over the floor. Dogs raid trash cans if they are bored, hungry or just curious. Several items of waste can be dangerous:  foil, string, bottles, grapes, bones, raisins, chocolate and onions, to name a few.

How To Keep Dogs Out Of Garbage

Why is your dog raiding the rubbish bin? Is your dog bored?  The try providing your dog with plenty of toys to keep it busy.

In addition, an electronic deterrent will absolutely keep the waste bin off limits.

Electronic Training Deterrents

Pressure Activated Training Mats

These clear electronic mats may be placed at the problem area to limit access by your dog. Place around the object you want to protect. Place on the floor at the entrance to rooms that you want off-limits. When your dog walks on the mat the device detects the paws and almost instantly presents a tingling sensation to your dog's paws. Although not painful, it is sufficiently unpleasant to drive your dog away. Read More... Sureguard ssScat Mat

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