Dog on Furniture

Dog on Furniture

Dog hair on furniture, the couch or sofa is a sure sign your dog is climbing onto furniture while you're not around. Now you can teach your dog that certain areas are no-go, even when you are not there!

Keep Your Dog Off Furniture:

Electronic Training Mats

When paws are detected on the mat a static pulse is generated to move your dog away. It will not harm your dog; it simply feels like an uncomfortable tingling where the mat is touched. Read More... Sureguard ssScat Mat

Motion Activated Sonic Alarm

These repel dogs using a combination of flashing lights and/or startling sound. The deterrent effect comes from the element of surprise. The device is triggered by the dog's movement  in front of the sensor.

Sonic Trainer

The no-collar Remote Trainer works by taking advantage of the sensitive hearing of your pet in the ultrasonic frequency range which is inaudible to most humans. Use in conjunction with verbal commands. To alter your dog's behaviour you need to be present.

Labrador sitting on a leather sofa.

Sureguard Dog Training Products: