Keep birds away from ponds & pools

When you have a swimming pool or garden pond on your property, you need to deter unwanted birds before they become a nuisance.  Many birds may try to use your pond or swimming pool as a habitat or as a place to cool off. They may contaminate the water with their droppings. They might be congregating around your pool causing a mess that is time consuming and inconvenient to clean.

How can you deter birds and stop them visiting your pond or pool? The Sureguard Scarecrow is a motion activated product that scares birds and quickly eliminates bird problems. When the bird moves within range of the sensor it triggers a 3-second burst of water toward the bird. The combination water motion, sound and the sudden action make this repellent particularly effective.

Sureguard Scarecrow Motion Activated Sprinkler

Unwanted ducks swimming in a clean swimming pool.

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