Bear Electric Fencing

Bear Electric Fencing

Electric fence protecting campers food supply from bears. Night camera shows bear testing the electric fence.

Backpackers, Fishermen, Hunters & Sightseers

Sleep easy at night & protect your food supplies & camping equipment. Sureguard has an amazing electric fence energizer designed specifically for your needs. Powerful, light-weight, rugged.

Our dealer in Alaska can supply the Sureguard Energizer complete with everything you need. Email us for further details.

Bear Electric Fence Information

Customer Review

We bought every field portable electric fence energizer we could find, sent them all on backpacking expeditions, then selected the Sureguard s2 as the most rugged and reliable lightweight energizer we could find. The most important technologies are that the electronics are potted in epoxy and that Derek programs a smart chip to thwart common user errors. We have bought over a hundred of them and they have held up really well after a decade of hard use on our expeditions. We use them to keep bears out of our food when backpacking, search youtube for nols bear fence research to see bears trying to steal our food.

Quotation icon. John Gookin - National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS)