Ultrasonic Outdoor Bark Control

Ultrasonic Outdoor Bark Control

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Control nuisance barking discretely and silently!

Average Rating: 3.9

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Control any number of dogs silently

Stops your dog nuisance barking or neighbourhood dogs

How it Works

Imagine standing in front of a car and the car horn sounds off whenever you raised your voice. You quickly realise your voice is triggering the horn. The loud horn becomes so annoying you change your behaviour to stop it from happening.

The Ultrasonic Bark Controller works just like this. When the internal microphone detects nuisance barking it triggers a burst of ultrasonic sound that the dog will hear but won't like. Remarkably, the ultrasonic speaker produces a more intense sound than the typical car horn but humans can't hear it. The ultrasonic sound becomes so annoying for the dog that it will quickly modify its own barking behaviour.

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  • Birdhouse design looks unobtrusive and disguised.
  • The NEW improved model has better bark detection performance.
  • Three bark detection distances.
  • Effective for all sized dogs*.
  • Test function.
  • Low Battery Indicator.
  • Durable for outdoor use.

* Hearing impaired dogs may not respond.

How to use it

It is important to understand how ultrasonic sound works.

  • Ultrasonic sound travels like a beam. It is directional. Think of it as a beam of light from a torch. You must point the speaker toward the area where the dog barks.
  • Install two or more devices to get wider area coverage.
  • The intensity of the ultrasonic sound decreases with distance. As the intensity decreases the effectiveness is reduced. Therefore, place the device as close to the dogs as possible.
  • Ultrasonic sound is fragile and won't pass through: fences, buildings, foliage, plants, etc. The speaker must have a clear line of sight to the dog.
  • Do not install higher than about 2m above the dog.


  • Ultrasonic frequency: 25kHz to 27kHz
  • Ultrasonic Intensity: 110dB at 1m
  • Battery:  Standard 9 Volt Alkaline Battery. (battery not included)
  • Battery Life: Typically 8 weeks - depending on how often the dog's bark.
  • Effective Range: Up to 15m
  • Suitable for normal usage both outdoor and indoor.

Customer Reviews

We have a kelpie cross who has separation anxiety so he barks everytime we put him out to bed at night as well as when we go out during the day. This unit is brilliant. It only took 2 nights to be completely effective. We have tried, collars, tablets, drops and professional training to try to stop our dog barking. I wish I had of known about this product earlier.


I wanted to leave a review for my purchas for my mum. Her neighbours dog has been barking for the last three years. I purchased this product mid march 2015 and the dog has only barked once since installation. We were sceptical and amazed at how fast this worked. Would most definetly recommend this product and your company for prompt service and delivery.

  • All Reviews

    25 / 76
    J Wootton
    Rating: 4/5
    works pretty well
    works pretty well but with limitations - our neighbours agreed to let us put up the sureguard bark deterrent over our back fence, and the dog no longer has long barking sessions, just one 'woof' then gets the beep and stops, then tries again in a few minutes... but sometimes he is facing away from the product and it doesnt work on him, also his kennel will get in the way of the beam, so sometimes still has a few good 'woofs' but no extended sessions that were really sending us crazy. he is a dog and he will have a woof, thats fair..so we are very happy with the results, given the circumstances. we can always ask the neighbour to put it on their back porch which the dog faces, it will work very well there... by the way the product is much smaller than it appears in the pics! but still does its job. well worth the $50.
    John Woollard
    Rating: 1/5
    Sonic bark control
    Unfortunately, this doesn't work on our very determined German Shepherd, who insists on barking at another dog in the property behind us, even though he gets no reaction from the other dog.
    Lisa Williams
    Rating: 1/5
    Didn’t work for us
    This worked for about 24 hours and then not at all for our dogs. We have it within about 2 metres of the dogs.
    Sofie Mitropoulos
    Rating: 4/5
    Works well with limitations
    I have a dog next door and literally 3 metres from my windows and back deck. This gadget did work, I could hear the dog start barking (it is very loud as it's a border collie) and then stop and make a noise like 'what's that'. However, he was smart enough to work out that if he moved out of the range of the sound. So it does work however the limitations are that the dog can go out of range and it didn't really change the behaviour... I have used it for many months. It's a good product and of good quality. I think if the dog is close and in range with no barriers it can make a big difference. It's quite reasonably priced for peace and quiet. Only thing I would say is the hanging cord is very fine and it would deteriorate quickly in the sun.
    Rating: 4/5
    Great concept - didn't work for me
    Great product concept, definitely works I could hear the sound and it was uncomfortable for me if up close. I have a 2yr old cocker spaniel who is a very stubborn barker and it unfortunately didn't work on him but I wouldn't put that down to the product being defective he has barked with all devices. Best of luck recommend to anyone as it is a cost effective solution that is worth trying.
    Christine Eble
    Rating: 3/5
    Outdoor bark
    I live in an apartment and if someone comes into it the dog barks even though I have it positioned in front of the door so I don't think it works. [Editor: They do stop excessive nuisance barking but can still bark at an intruder if need be.]
    Mel Karaszkewych
    Rating: 5/5
    Bark Control little bird house
    At first looking at this little birdhouse i thought no way it would work on my latge german shepherd. He is afraid of the dark and hates birds flying over, barks at them and possums and rabbits at night. I popped it on the low window sill at the back where he barked most and not one bark since the first night. This has saved us so much greif and sleepless nights no to mention our poor neighbours. I legit cannot believe how quick and well this has worked. He plays around the other side of our house with the other shepherd and they play bark and growl and it doesnt affect them. So this is perfect for us. Thank you soooooo much this has been an amazing life saver. And if it wasnt for these reviews i would of looked at it and moved on. This actually works wonders. Yay.
    Nerida McCord
    Rating: 4/5
    Dog barking
    Seemed to work for some time my do seemed to get used to itv
    Rating: 4/5
    Glad I bought it
    Worked quickly on my dog, I saw results from day 1. After about 2 weeks he seemed to become desensitised to it, but definitely barks less. And it works on the neighbours dogs when they are in view - not through a fence. I just switch it on occasionally now. I couldn’t hear the sound, but my 10 year old son could.
    Rating: 5/5
    relentlessly barking
    During a couple of weeks of landscaping our neighbours' dogs, especially one of them, were relentlessly barking for an entire 8 hours each weekday. It was driving the landscapers nuts even with their music playing loudly to drown the barking out. So, we looked for a solution and tried the Ultrasonic Outdoor Bark Control device. It worked from day one. The larger more relentlessly noisy dog barked and then stopped. It tried again, then stopped. Over the next few days it tried various strategies like moving further away so we turned up the coverage. Then it tried single woofs spaced 5 seconds apart and that failed it too lol. It's been relatively quiet for weeks. Every now and then the dogs bark and then stop again as soon as I see the red light appearing on the back of the device. Well worth the money.
    Mark Elphinstone
    Rating: 5/5
    AntI barking house
    Working well very pleased thank you
    Cath Heise
    Rating: 5/5
    no barking at night
    Just received my bark control, it’s briiant. I have new rescue dog, Maltese/schitzu cross and she has been barking at night, my poor elderly neighbours, I’ve been so anxious. It’s been six months and she hasn’t settled infact she’s become worse. The bark control took 24 hours for them to work it out and now no barking at night. We left it on for two days full time and now have reduced it to on at night as their barking is appropriate during the day. Working so well. Thank you. Happy to recommend if needed
    Susan Rhind
    Rating: 3/5
    Ultrasound Bark Control Device
    Ineffective - my dog did not even register that the device was emitting any sound, even when she was barking only 1 m from it. We checked it was working and it was. In my case 0/5 for the device however the staff at Sureguard were really excellent when I emailed about it, they were happy to provide a refund, and even rang me to discuss the device. So a good company but the device not useful in my case.. Mid rating given to reflect very good company but ineffective product.
    Joanna Leitner
    Rating: 5/5
    Pleasantly surprised
    I did not expect this product to work but bought it because of the guarantee! I have been very surprised by how effective it has been, and how quickly the effects have been seen. My dogs were constant barkers and now just make a growling sound, which is much quieter. Thank you.
    Warren Brown
    Rating: 5/5
    Works Great
    Installed and worked right away,barking reduced significantly. Highly recommend.
    Russell Badley
    Rating: 4/5
    Great product to reinforce training
    We have two rescue English Bull Terriers known for their stubbornness and while not normally a breed for barking I think a bit of time in kennels taught bad habits. Combined with other training the this seems to be pretty effective. If you don't stop the bad behaviour in other ways a stubborn dog would likely not learn from this alone.
    Carmel Davy
    Rating: 5/5
    I will be highly recommending this to everyone.
    Thank you for putting an end to my misery. 3 dogs in the yard and now not a peep. My neighbourhood says thank you. 1 x 4 year old lab 1 x 2 year old German shepherd 1 x 2 year old bull mastiff And silence.
    Meryl White
    Rating: 4/5
    Works very ell
    Great product.....Our dogs have certainly quietened down a lot since purchasing this item.
    Endang Sugiarti
    Rating: 5/5
    Awesome product
    Works great for my dog 🐕 definitely recommended this product
    Jacqui Chaplin
    Rating: 5/5
    Yep. Brilliant.
    Can’t believe I put up with the neighbour’s dogs for 6 years. It arrived the Monday before we were given notice to move. There’ll be no dog problems at the next place. Yay!
    Eric McKone
    Rating: 2/5
    Well... better but...
    We bought two (one for each of the neighbour's two dogs -small poodle and maltese). It clearly fazed them when they first went off, but they've worked out if they go to the other side of the yard, it's not so bad. Unless they really get wound up, barking duration seems shorter. So, overall an improvement but. Maybe I should buy another six of 'em?
    Jacqui Chaplin
    Rating: 5/5
    Gold! Gold Gold
    It took me 6 years of the neighdog bark before someone told me about the ultrasonic dog barking unit. The dog still barks every now and then... he’s a slow learner but the incessant barking has stopped. I feel sane again. What a bloody brilliant product. It has one thing that I don’t like... it’s pretty saggy looking. But that’s so unimportant in the scheme of how well it works and how it has improved my quality of life. Best $40 spent ever!!!!!!!!!!
    Rating: 1/5
    The product works but it only took my dog a few days to work out how to space her barks so as to not set it off.
    Samantha Moloney
    Rating: 5/5
    Ultrasonic outdoor bark control
    This product is amazing I've had it for 3 weeks now my two dogs have not barked the neighbors have told me it's very quite during the day I would recommend this product to anyone it truly has worked for my situation 👍
    Rating: 4/5
    Good barn control bird house
    My neighbours said they haven’t heard him bark since I’ve gotten it. Guess it’s doing it’s job right

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