Boundary Wire Repair Kit (5pc)

Surge Diverter for Boundary Wire

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Added protection from lightning surges.

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Protect Your Wireless Dog Fence Energiser

Place between Energiser and Boundary

The Sureguard Wireless Dog Fence Energiser is already able to tolerate most power surges caused by lightning. However, high power surges might cause damage. While high power surges occur less frequently Sureguard has designed a diverter to protect the Energiser to a higher degree. If you live in an area where lightning is frequent Sureguard recommend adding this Surge Diverter.

How the Surge Diverter Works

The Diverter is a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) with two Screw Terminals at either end. One end is connected to the Boundary Wires and the other to the Energiser. Normally, the signal from the Energiser will flow unimpeded to the Boundary Wire. However, when a surge tries to pass from the Boundary Wire to the Energiser, the PCB overloads and the connections are broken. Replace the Surge Diverter if it overloads.

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