Sureguard ssScat Mat for Training Dogs & Cats

Sureguard ssScat Mat for Training Dogs & Cats

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Pets learn to avoid this mat on sight. Highly effective barrier!

Average Rating: 4.8

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Break Bad Habits. Develop Good Ones

Pets learn to avoid this mat on sight

The Sureguard ssScat Mat is a pet training device used to make problem areas off-limits. It is suitable for cats, kittens, dogs and puppies.

It's incredibly versatile and can be used to quickly correct all sorts of behavioural problems, even when you're not around.

When touched, the mat emits a harmless electronic impulse that your pets will quickly learn to avoid.

Problems with pets in the wrong places?

Simply place the Sureguard ssScat Mat either on the problem area, next to that area or use the mat to create a barrier to that room.

Make indoor areas or rooms off-limits. Make dry outdoor areas off-limits.

Restore harmony to your household with this indispensable training aid!

Solve common issues:

Whoops Mum

Sureguard ssScat Mat can keep your puppy safe.

My Kitchen Rules

Stop your pets jumping onto kitchen countertops, benches and tables.

ooh People Food

Stop your pets stealing food.

A few Hours Later...

Stop your pets scratching, soiling and damaging household furniture.

We didn't do it

Sureguard ssScat Mat corrects even persistent wrong behaviour.

I'm not crazy

Stop your pets scratching household furnishing, carpets and flyscreens.

Promise I Won't Jump

Create an electronic barrier to make dangerous areas off-limits.

Puppies Explore

Keep your curious puppy safely away from potential danger in the rubbish / garbage bin.

I Polish Bonnets Too

Stop pets jumping onto your car. Avoid soiled, scuffed and scratched paintwork.

The Sureguard ssScat Mat comes in two versions:

  • Active Mat (this product page). This mat will correct your pet if it stands on it.
  • Non-Active Mat (Dummy Mat). Your pet will avoid this non-powered mat on sight provided your pet remembers the active mat.

How many to buy depends on the problem you are trying to correct. Obviously, you need at least one active mat for training. Dummy Mats are convenient and very economical so you can substitute these once your pet learns the avoidance of the active mat.

Mats can be placed side-by-side to create either longer or deeper barriers. If your pet discovers that jumping the mat avoids correction, then place two mats together to create a deeper barrier that can't be jumped. (Mat Size: 1210mm x 440mm)

In some situations, we recommend you only use active mats. For example, if your pet is jumping onto a table or kitchen countertop, your pet can't see the mat so the Dummy Mat wouldn't be appropriate. Dummy Mats work by sight avoidance. Also, if the risk of crossing the barrier to great, for example, you're creating a barrier to restrict access to a balcony, then only use active mats.

Dummy mats work very well and the avoidance behaviour can last for months but your pet may one day simply forget and discover the Dummy Mat is non-active. If that should occur you must substitute the active mat until your pet learns to respect the mats again.

So, how many should you order? At least one active mat and one dummy mat. Order Dummy Mats Here. You may find you use the Dummy Mats extensively, which is why we have a very economical House Pack which includes an active mat and several Dummy Mats.

ssScat Mat Size: 1210mm x 440mm.
Battery Type: 3x AAA Size ALKALINE (Batteries not included).
Battery Life: Up to 1200 hours.

Can people walk on the ssScat Mat?

Yes, anyone can walk on the ssScat Mat wearing shoes or slippers. If you walk on the ssScat Mat with bare feet, you will feel a tingle sensation under your feet. The stimulation is specifically designed for paws and doesn't feel significant on human feet.

Can I use the ssScat Mat outdoors?

Yes, provided the electronics won’t get wet. Using under a patio, carport, verandah, etc. is okay. Of course, the Dummy Mat does not contain any electronics so it is allowed to get wet.

How long before I can remove the ssScat Mat?

Although results are quick to achieve you must keep the ssScat Mat in place for several weeks to months so your pet becomes habituated to its new behaviour. If you remove the ssScat Mat too soon, your pet might soon revert to its old behaviour. Although rare, smarter pets may require the ssScat Mat in place constantly. The Dummy Mat can generally be substituted quite soon after stable behaviour is achieved.

Can I use rechargeable batteries?

No, because the battery voltage is wrong. Only install good quality Alkaline non-rechargeable batteries.

How long will the batteries run the device?

You must use Alkaline batteries for proper performance. Battery life is up to 1200 hours.

Can I use Velcro to stop the mat from moving around?

The mats don't easily move around but if you want to keep them exactly in the place you could use velcro or similar under the mat to secure it to the floor.


Customer Reviews

Great product. Only took cat one time to learn he is no longer using the bonnet of my car to sleep on.

Kerry Hobbs

Since purchasing the trainer mat our dog has stopped scratching at the laundry door. I highly recommend this mat for dogs who are misbehaving.


Certainly teach a lesson for my cat who loves jumping to kitchen bench and dining table! He learnt pretty quick after being zapped a few times for ignoring the mat. Now I use it as a deterrent on few of his favourite spots (carpeted area) as he had accidents there. I bought 2 mats and rotate them to the spots where my cat is about his new annoying habit (scratching carpet, etc). Happy with the product, safe for the pet, good tool to improve my pet behaviour and the mat does the job as it is intended to.

  • All Reviews

    25 / 137
    Rating: 5/5
    Worked straight away
    Purchased to stop our large dog scratching at our sliding screen doors. The mat sits outside and after her first interaction on low, she avoid the door and so far no scratching on the fly screen.
    Merryl Chantrell
    Rating: 5/5
    The sScat Mat Really Works
    We inherited a totally deaf Pomeranian boy and he had no manners nor did he understand any hand signals either. He certainly understood the sScat Mat 🙂
    Rating: 5/5
    Ssscat mat
    This mat has changed our cat’s behaviour!
    Rating: 5/5
    Definitely Problem Solved!
    As the cat was convinced the kitchen bench was his domain, that wasn’t working too well. So when I saw the ScarMat I was hoping this might be the solution as everything else was a waste of time. His first attempt of walking on the Mat curtailed his activity pronto and after having it down for a while, he’s finally learnt that the kitchen isn’t his domain after all and now keeps a distance from the bench…. which is such a relief. The Scat!at 100% worked for me and I’m extremely happy that I stumbled across it, as I’m not sure where the cat and I would be now!
    Rating: 5/5
    restoring sanity to our household
    Just wanted to thank you for restoring sanity to our household. We are no longer being woken at 4 a.m. by our one year old abyssinian cat throwing himself at the laundry door and attacking the paintwork with his claws. He was happy to go to bed but a very early riser! After only two nights he worked out that the mat in front of the door was to be avoided. Now he sits patiently behind it each morning waiting for it to be removed so that he can come out. It is a brilliant product and I would recommend it to anyone with a similar problem.
    Rating: 5/5
    cease his scratching behaviour entirely.
    I have a very anxious dog who scratches at the front door when left alone. He stepped on this mat maybe two times, and that's all it took for him to cease his scratching behaviour entirely. I have the mat on the low setting in front of the door and it doesn't seem to hurt him much at all - no yelping or signs of distress, just jumps back in surprise and continues to be his happy self. The low setting is all you need for your dog to recognise it's a no-go-zone. Great product
    Rachel Slater
    Rating: 5/5
    Sweet sweet sleep!
    The best solution ever to a determined cat clawing incessantly on the door to get out. This cat had resorted to jumping like ninja to try to try to open the door by its handle. Oh boy! Enter the sssscat mat and voila! Happy days. This thing is worth every cent. Should have bought it years ago. Thank you!!!
    Anna Carrucan
    Rating: 5/5
    Yep worked for pet rabbit.
    The SscatMat is brilliant! I purchased this product to train our pet rabbit not to jump on the sofa and do his ‘business’ on the cushions. So far, so good! Our bunny received the fright of his life when the SscatMat beeped and gave him a zap! No more jumping on the sofa! The product promotes ‘self training’ in that I don’t have to catch bunny in the act to stop the behaviour. Thanks! Great product.
    Fiona Williams
    Rating: 5/5
    Highly recommend this - it worked instantly (well almost)!
    Doris Muller
    Rating: 5/5
    A must :-)
    I looked for a product that would help me contain my cats as I was moving into a unit. The mat has been a great help. I was a little reluctant as to the impact in my cats but they are fine as the occasional buss scared the crap out of them. Would highly recommend.
    Jann Ford
    Rating: 5/5
    stubborn Westie
    Your Scatmat exceeded my expectations!!!! I switched it ON and my ornery, stubborn Westie stays OFF. One day I saw him forget as he chased the cat. He immediately jumped off and held up his front paw. No yelp or cry, just held up the foot for sympathy. "Not likely, Hamish. I've been telling you for 4 YEARS to stay downstairs."
    Fran Kane
    Rating: 5/5
    no more dog hair
    I came across your ssScat Mat product online. I ordered two ssScat Mats and two of the pretend Mats a couple of weeks ago and they arrived very quickly. They are in place on my lounge and I no longer have dogs and dog hair all over them, they're using their own beds now! I have two beagles and only the low level has been needed to deter them. My plan is to introduce the pretend Mats onto the lounge in a few weeks so that I can use the ssSat Mats in other parts of the house. I am so happy with your product and impressed with the fast delivery after placing my order. I have recommended ssScat Mats to family and friends.
    Aisha M
    Rating: 5/5
    Great training mat
    We have a naughty ginger cat that likes to play in our bed room in the middle of the night. We can't close the door because it would scratch and meows. Now, we put the mat just in front of the door and close it at night. She had stepped on it once and she knows not to step on it again.
    Barbara Scharz
    Rating: 5/5
    ssScat Mat
    We've had the ssScat Mat for about 6 months. It works very well to keep our cat off areas we don't want her in. We can recommend Sureguard and this product, very happy.
    Rating: 4/5
    Amazing product with instant results. My mat is used at the back sliding glass door to discourage jumping on the door for attention. Stopped within an instant and reduced anxious behaviour. My dog can make the choice to stand on the mat or not. I tried out all levels myself before trying it with my dog and it’s a safe and humane way to circuit break behaviours. Need to wipe down often as my mat is outside and change batteries often be the only downfall. Now looking at the dummy Scatmat.
    Cristyn. S
    Rating: 5/5
    Fabulous! Safe for small dogs
    I know when I first looked into buying the sscat mat, I was concerned about the safety of it for my year old Chihuahua. It is totally safe! He’s a very stubborn dog who scratches holes in our fly screen so we put it at the back door and he is fully aware of the power it holds. Is working amazingly! 110% recommend if you’re sitting on the fence. Also another thing, I know the price seems a lot but the amount of use I’m getting out of it is compensating for that. Much rather get a good quality one I can trust than a cheap one from eBay.
    Jane Pryor
    Rating: 5/5
    Highly Recommended
    I had a real problem with my cat scratching at a newly re-upholstered chair (re-upholstered because of his scratching). I tried various home-made and store bought spray-on deterrents but none of them worked. I purchased the Sscat-mat and after just 3 zaps, he doesn't even go to that side of the room. I have it set on medium but that was enough to warn him off. Great product, great service. Many thanks.
    Clare Lynch
    Rating: 4/5
    Scatmat for kitchen bench
    I like the length and width of this mat; fits my kitchen bench perfectly allowing me to have the mat in situ while still having usable bench-space. No more furry friends in your breakfast!
    Rating: 5/5
    No more kitty wake up call
    Our cat was waking us up consistently at 5am until we placed a ScatMat against the hallway door. No more scratching! no more trying to dig a tunnel under the door! and we can sleep. Love this product, it is instantly effective.
    Mark McCarthy
    Rating: 5/5
    Problem solved at last!
    After months of spraying cat wee off our couch, we bought the scat mat to see if it could communicate to our lovely cat that weeping on the couch is not okay! Job done. From the day we put the mat on the couch, the seeing stopped. A wonderful product that looks tidy compared with the other materials we had tried. Only wish we’d found it earlier!
    Victoria Simpson
    Rating: 5/5
    Excellent Product
    Cannot express enough how great this product is. Have successfully trained dogs not to cross over it and go upstairs. This was extremely important as we are renting and I didn’t want problems with the carpets. The team were outstanding too, very responsive and professional. Would highly recommend company and product.
    Janelle Evans
    Rating: 5/5
    Life changing!
    Finally a way to effectively teach my needy dane-cross pup to stop jumping and clawing the back door. All that ongoing stress I had is gone within a day. I only wish I had found this months earlier before she damaged the door paint so badly... but at least I can confidently repair it now.
    Alison J
    Rating: 5/5
    Works like a charm
    Our habitual night time door scratcher only stepped on the mat twice (sprang up into the air both times) before deciding the mat, and the doorway it belongs to are posessed. She now gives both a wide berth at all hours -even when the mat is off-and we have peace at last. Excellent outcome, money very well spent.
    Manfred Audehm
    Rating: 5/5
    Max the Cat - retrained
    Worked really well - the cat touched once or twice now no longer scratches and howls at the bedroom door. They also now stay out of the bedroom during the day because the mat is outside the doorway.
    Susan Sullivan
    Rating: 5/5
    Dog Trouble
    I was very afraid of using this product feeling bad that I am hurting my dog due to him scratching on the doors while I left for work. But since using this mat he has not going near the door or scratched it. It is an amazing result and now when it’s off he doesn’t even want to think of going near it. I have full faith in this mat and have recomended it to a few of my friends. Excellent product and will fully recommend it coming from a very stresswd out fur baby mother who isn’t anymore.

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