Solar Electric Fence Energizer

Solar Electric Fence Energizer

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Pro-Tech 5: Electric Fencing Re-envisioned

Average Rating: 4.9

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Electric Fencing Re-envisioned

Sureguard's 5th Generation Solar Electric Fence Energizer.

Combines recent innovations in solar panel and battery technologies.

Pro-Tech 5 is Australian Made but not just for the Australian Sun.
We've achieved outstanding electric fence performance even in prolonged cloudy conditions.
Check our worldwide solar specification: Solar Specification

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What is your job?

Don’t be deceived by the Pro-Tech 5’s compact light-weight design. You probably already know that many electric fence energizers are big boxes mostly full of air and heavy batteries. Pro-Tech 5 WILL perform in a wide range of electric fence situations. Do you really want to be moving a 7kg energizer around when the Pro-Tech 5, weighing just 0.9kg, will do the job?

Outstanding Features

Versatile Fence Construction

Use with Steel Fencing Wire or Polywire, Polytape, Polybraid and Polyrope from well-known Australian, American, New Zealand and British brands, including: Gallagher®, Daken®, Rutland®, Rappa®, Speedrite®, Parmak®, Zareba®, Fi-Shock®, Electrobraid®, Yardgard®, Farmgard®, Baygard® and Equi-Rope®.

Latest Solar Panel & Battery Technologies

Not just for the Australian sun. Pro-Tech 5 has outstanding fence performance even in prolonged cloudy conditions. Check our worldwide solar specification: Solar Specification.

Key Lock Security Mounting

Theft happens because most energizers are not locked to the post. Your Pro-Tech 5 has a unique key-locking mechanism that safeguards your investment.

Massive 190 Joule Lightning Surge Protection

Solar energizers are never connected to a mains supply so your energizer can never cause damage to your household appliances. In-built surge protection will safeguard your energizer.

Agricultural Industries

Pro-Tech 5 should be your choice for all your livestock fencing requirements. It’s the best all-rounder for the beef cattle and dairy industry and with proper fencing design is suitable for sheep and goats.

Whether you have small or large acreage livestock farming, Pro-Tech 5 is definitely a smart choice. Do you need to do rotational grazing (strip grazing)? Section off temporary paddocks? Protect hay bales or watercourses? Strengthen a boundary fence or protect your whole farm or ranch? Pro-Tech 5 is a great stand-alone electric fence energiser that you’ll grow to love.

Equestrian Activities

Treat your horses or ponies to one of the best all-around electric fence units available. Whether you want to strengthen your existing fencing, stop your horse cribbing on the fence posts or create a holding paddock or corral, Sureguard’s Pro-Tech 5 is an excellent choice. Remember, Pro-Tech 5 is also designed as a portable electric fence, weighing just 900g (32oz), so throw it into your backpack and away you go. It’s really easy to set up temporary fencing for equine activities such as endurance rides and horse shows.

The Sureguard Pro-Tech 5 - Everything you need. Everywhere you go.

Hobby Farms

Choose the Pro-Tech 5 and you may only ever need one energiser. Pro-Tech 5 is so versatile and will give you many years of trouble-free service.  Pro-Tech 5 is suitable for a wide range of applications.

Pest Control

When Pro-Tech 5 is combined with appropriate fence design it may be used to control a wide range of pest animals, including: foxes, wild dogs, dingoes, wombats, deer, moose, badgers, etc. It has even been used to control bears and monkeys. You’ll need to research what fence designs have worked for other people.

You’ll also find Sureguard energisers being used for bird control on houses to protect solar hot water systems and on commercial buildings to reduce damage. Sureguard’s energisers have even been installed on the old Parliament building in Canberra!

Why Choose Solar?

  • Quick & convenient to install.
  • Easy to move around.
  • Nil running cost (replace battery every 5-8 years).
  • Superior lightning surge resistance.
  • Don't risk damage to household appliances by using a mains energizer.


Maximum Distance Rating: 5km or 3 miles of live wire. (up to 10Ha or 25 acres)

Weight: 0.9kg (32oz)

Dimensions: 195mm Wide. 100mm High. 220mm Deep. (4.95" x 3.95" x 8.65").

Output Impedance: Excellent (Low).

Pulse Energy: 0.2 Joules (stored energy).

Pulse Voltage: 8000 Volts max.

Surge Protection: Varistor technology 190 Joules.

Battery Life: 5 to 8 years under typical operating conditions. Battery Technology LiFePO4.

Running Time in Cloud: Continuous. Click for more details: Solar Power. (Not suited to persistently foggy properties or snow-covered panel).

  • Solar Powered Energizer
  • Silicone Cables with Corrosion-resistant Alligator Clips
  • User Instructions

Customer Reviews

It worked the moment I hooked it up, so easy to use, I will be getting another one in the near future. I have used all the top brands in electric fences and this has been the best in as far as set up, no fiddling around and works straight away.


I had a unit for the past 15 years and it simply died. This updated model seems better and is keeping our horses off the fence. Very happy with it.


This is my 5th unit the oldest is about 6 years old. All are in excellent working condition. A couple of years ago I return one of the units for repair by post. To my delight it was returned 6 days latter @ no cost to me.


I bought one of these about 16 years ago and it has finally given up the ghost which is why I have bought the same again. They are a great bit of gear and have been brilliant to use with my horses.

  • All Reviews

    25 / 148
    Anthony Davis
    Rating: 5/5
    Bought one fifteen years ago, excellent. Didn't survive floods. Bought a new one recently, even better. Won't try it in floods.
    Dylan East
    Rating: 5/5
    Product and service review
    Thanks heaps to the team down in Lismore.. actually the best service from any online purchase I’ve made ever, also the solar energiser I got from you guys is outstanding hence why I have 2 on my property now 👍 cheers sureguard
    Helen C
    Rating: 5/5
    Great modern electric fence
    I have two of these units now, at the moment, one for keeping sheep in, and one for keeping deer out ( yes, that’s right, one single hot wire for them, mesh for the sheep). I might change my mind about the shape of the paddock next month…it won’t matter because whatever I decide I just grab the unit and reinstall it in another spot. Next trip to the tip out go old car batteries and previous electric fence rig. I highly recommend these clever, simple, portable units. They really are next generation,
    Anthony Taber
    Rating: 5/5
    solar electric fence energiser
    #hit hot product on my second unit only because the first went under flood waters, highly recommend this unit,, bang for the buck,
    Amanda Strong
    Rating: 5/5
    Great product
    Great product, easy to set up and does it's job very well.
    Rating: 5/5
    Good product
    Good value for money. Sturdy design. Works a treat
    Brandon Tein
    Rating: 5/5
    Improvement on previous model
    This is our second Pro-tech 5 in 3 years. The first is still going strong though quite faded on the solar panel and the old push switch keeps jamming. The new model has a much nicer looking solar panel and has a rocker switch instead. One thing that would definitely be a good addition would be some sort of bird spikes along the top to stop birds crapping on the solar panel. Over-all its a great little unit with a heck of a punch.
    Chontelle Bourne
    Rating: 5/5
    Great little unit
    We love our Sureguard solar energiser. Lightweight, reliable and good in low light conditions. We have 2 other leading brands of solar energiser but our Sureguard is my favourite.
    Kimberley Kid
    Rating: 5/5
    Excellent Energiser
    This energizer is a small package but its totally reliable very robust, super easy to install and portable. It packs a good zap and super impressed with its user friendly features.
    Anthony Morgan
    Rating: 5/5
    Sure guard energiser
    A great unit at a competitive price, delivered promptly.
    Kim Hessenberger
    Rating: 5/5
    Sureguard Pro 5 - Energiser
    Great unit - Easy to order, Arrived in days, Easy set up and Gives a good zap...
    Rating: 5/5
    Excellent product
    Excellent product. Purchased over 12 months ago. Highly recommended
    Maureen Dean
    Rating: 5/5
    Sureguard Solar Fence Energiser
    I'm very happy with the quality of the item and it's compact design and light weight. Easy to install and works extremely well, goodbye to electricity bills, should have purchased one of these years ago, highly recommend this product.
    Margaret Mills
    Rating: 5/5
    Best Available
    I have been using the Sureguard Solar Fence units for about 10 years for temporary fencing while camping with the horses. Recently purchased another to split some paddocks until I get more permanent fencing at our new property. Excellent units.
    Russell Matthews
    Rating: 5/5
    Great Product
    For its size weight and ease of shifting it is a very good electric fence energizer You wont go wrong with one of these
    Eleanor Gilkerson
    Rating: 4/5
    Solar Sureguard pro-tech 5
    Excellent product. Works well as a solar unit. Has a few too many functions that make it confusing to set. I use it on 24/7 and it's working well now I have it getting full sun..Good after sales support. Would recommend Sureguard.
    Faline Williams
    Rating: 5/5
    Packs a punch
    We have electric fence around the hay bales, and we upgraded to sureguard as the xbred ewes we're just helping themselves. Not any more!
    Peter Munt
    Rating: 5/5
    I own and run a cattle property near Tully, North Queensland. I am very impressed with the electric fence energiser purchased from you recently. Without doubt it is the best quality and value for money product that I have ever purchased, please keep up the good work.
    Janine Benedetti
    Rating: 5/5
    sureguard solar electric fence
    Great product great service easy to deal with thank you
    Kylie McPhee
    Rating: 5/5
    Campdraft weekends
    Works very well. Locks to the top of a post which is a terrific feature for our situation, compact and easy to operate. Excellent unit.
    Anthony Taber
    Rating: 5/5
    solar electric fence energiser
    Being in the long paddock for the last three months with a mob of cattle this little unit has more than done the job ,highly recommend this product
    Kathy Dye
    Rating: 5/5
    Highly recommend
    Recently bought a second one for my sons place
    Kerry Piper
    Rating: 5/5
    Solar 5k energiser
    Thanks for the very knowledgable help to fine tune the energiser, however, the rain has prevented me from getting to the work area and haven't been able to further test the advanced tuning. Thanks again for your help
    Rating: 5/5
    Wonderful bit of kit
    Read all the reviews of this product and my neighbour bought one and he’s fussy as and loved it to bits, I bought one and I’m seriously impressed, I put it up for some calves as they where escapers and I set it up in minutes and over a month later it’s paid itself off over and over again. I’ll be buying more of them.. wonderful bit of kit.. portable reliable.. thank you sureguard..
    Eva Bauer
    Rating: 5/5
    Does exactly what it says on the box. Compact, sturdy and packs a punch.

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