Pingg-String Insulated Cable (30m)

Pingg-String Insulated Cable (30m)

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Join Pingg-String sections together.

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Flexible Easy to use Interconnecting Cable

Special silicone coated Pingg-String cable

Use this cable whenever you want to join sections of the Pingg-String barrier that may be separated up to 30m. Shorter 10m length available here.

This Cable has been especially manufactured for your Pingg-String Electronic Fence. The specification includes Silicone insulation. Please do not substitute any other type of cable.

The cable is 30m long but it may be cut to length. If you require longer lengths contact Sureguard for a special order. Never attempt to join cables together.

Where necessary, protect the cable in conduit or polythene pipe if there is a chance of the insulation getting damaged. Eg. Burying, abrasion, or animal chewing.

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    Catherine Powell & Tim Coleman
    Rating: 5/5
    Great product, highly recommended! A YouTube video showing installation would be good, but it's pretty easy to set up once you know how. Excellent after sales service and help. Keeps our cats in the yard.
    Andrew Webber
    Rating: 5/5
    Just needed some extra.
    Have a couple of long stretches between ping-string sections. Bought this. Problem solved

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