Pingg-String Fence-Top Barrier (15m Starter Kit)

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Starter Kit. Extend as required.

Average Rating: 4.6

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Fence-Top Barrier for Cats & Possums


This Starter Kit Includes:

  • One Pingg-String Energiser
  • One End-Post Kit
  • One 15m Barrier Kit
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    5 / 5
    David Chalmers
    Rating: 5/5
    Possum protection
    The product was well made and easy to install for the average handy person.
    Irene H
    Rating: 5/5
    Great product
    I had the previous version of the possum barrier and it was fantastic. The possums definitely avoided it and our grape vine finally grew. This new version is better still. Everything is much neater, visually more appealing, and easy to use. I like that there are now 4 live wires. Hopefully I can save our maple!
    Rating: 5/5
    Fantastic product
    We have 2 Houdini escape artist cats. We have tried everything. Chicken Wire, perspex, netting and the rollers on top of the fence. Nothing works. We tried the Pingg string as a last resort. They got pingged once and ran under the bed in fright for 2 hours. Tried again, same thing. Then have never tried again. Won't even try to jump the fence now. Fantastic product.
    John Morgan
    Rating: 3/5
    Pingg-String Fence-top Barrier 15m Starter Kit
    It took longer to instal than I thought, with instructions a bit hard to find and a bit confusing. I changed my approach to installing it several times as I got into, and completed the task of installing it. The quality of the design and implementation of the equipment supplied seems high and I've had it operating for several days now. Possums have been our problem, walking along the fence top and eating the leaves of 3 particular trees (of the same type). They prevented these trees from successfully leafing since before last summer (now more than 18 months). This killed one of them, and the other two appear to be still alive, but only just. I can't say how successful the Pingg-String has been at keeping away possums, as these 2 remaining trees haven't attempted to grow leaves since having the Pingg-String installed. I continue to water them hoping to restore them to more vigour life. I am confident that the Pingg-String is effective, and hopefully we'll see the proof of that, if we can keep the trees alive.
    Bradley F
    Rating: 5/5
    Wish i had found it sooner - Perfect solution to possums
    I never normally leave reviews for products but i feel that this deserves my time to leave a positive review. And now i have had the system for quite i while i can confidently recommend the system. I originally purchased a pingg string system for my own backyard to protect my japanese maples from being destroyed by possums approximately 18 months ago. I had tried literally EVERYTHING prior to the pingg string system. Garlic sprays, Poss-off, sonic noise makers, fake owls, cats, lighting systems on sensors and even stalking the little buggers with a hose at night. Nothing worked and the possums were in such large numbers that they came very close to completely stripping my 15 year old Japanese maple of any new growth as well as my younger trees. Due to the damage that the possums caused my trees became quite distressed and weakened which allowed a borer to get into the main stems/branches (i've since had to cut these sections out). Even before a leaf could emerge from the buds, they were gone. I knew that if i didn't get the possums under control they would kill the trees. I installed the Pingg string system and on the first night the cunning little buggers found a way through, but i fixed up the gap and since then my trees have been able to fully recover. This is the first year that the the trees have been able to fully leaf-out without being grazed to within an inch of their life. I had to cut some branches back from the fence as they could get in through that route as well. So not only has it saved my beautiful Japanese maples, it has also stopped the possum droppings and urine that would be all over my decking area in the mornings. My dad had an issue with possums attacking his espaliered fruit trees across his back fence so i purchased another pingg string system and installed it for him 3 weeks ago. Has worked perfectly and the possums no longer get into his tress from the top of the fence. The guys at sureguard are very very helpful in answering questions prior to my initial purchase as i was unsure exactly what kit i needed, so thanks to them as well. I would absolutely recommend 100% the pingg string system and to not waste time, money and effort on other snake oil approaches. 10/10 for product and service, absolute blessing that i finally got the possum problem under control!!!

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