Pingg-String End Post Kit

Pingg-String End Post Kit

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Tensions the four Pingg-String barrier wires.

Average Rating: 4.6

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Includes Internal Links to Make Wiring Simple

End Posts that tension & connect the Pingg-String wires

The “Fence-Top Barrier” consists of four wires that are tensioned by these End Posts and held apart by Support Brackets. The End Posts are a special copyrighted design incorporating unique electrical wiring links that form part of the barrier. The fence barrier is designed for existing fences 1.5m or higher. Once installed, it sits a maximum of 18cm above your existing fence. The barrier stops cats and possums going over the fence or possums travelling along the fence.

We recommend that you install the Pingg-String Fence Barrier along the full perimeter of your protected area. Do not leave any gaps that animals could exploit.

The Pingg-String Ground Barrier is powered by the Pingg-String Solar Energiser (sold separately).

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Each End Post kit contains:

  • Four (4) End Posts.
  • Four Insulated cables for connecting adjacent End Posts.
  • Twentyfour (24) Pingg-String Tree Clips (wire covers).

Pingg-String Design Flexibility

Every installation is different which is why the Pingg-String system can be ordered as components. Order your Pingg-String Energiser plus the number of 15m Extension Kits need.

This End Post Kit is used in a variety of situations. To simplify your ordering, please use this CALCULATOR.

The Pingg-String Fence-Top Barrier System

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Installation Sequence

Mini fence barrier demonstration

This illustration is a mini “Fence Barrier” through which we will demonstrate the sequence of installation. It represents just one straight section of your fence. In your actual installation you will repeat this on all protected sides of your property.

Basically, you will screw the End Posts #1 and Support Brackets #2 to your fence. You’ll repeat this on all other straight sections of your fence. Then install the four Pingg-Wires, as illustrated #3,  starting from the top wire down. Once every section is completed, they are connected to each other with a pair of insulated cables #7 so all four wires are energised by the pulse.

End Posts

Each straight section of fence will have an End Post at either end. They maintain tension in the four wires. They also connect the wires electrically through the metal discs #4 where the wires are held. Important: End Posts must be fastened to a rigid surface such as timber or metal. You decide whether to fasten these to your fence posts, top rail or the fence. Notice the printed marking “Fence Top”. This is a suggested alignment point to the top of your fence. When aligned to the marker the lower wire will be 1.5cm from the fence top. You can alter this within certain limits. Note: The lowest Pingg-Wire must be no more than 3cm to 4cm above the fence.

Support Bracket

Support Brackets help keep the wires evenly separated and give physical strength to the barrier. The illustration shows one Support Bracket but you’ll install several depending on the distance between the End Posts. Typical spacing is 1.5m but you can install them up to 2.4m if the length of your fence panels dictate this. You can also space them less than 1.5m if you need more physical strength.

Pingg-String Wire

Each set of 4 Pingg-Wires must be installed onto the End Post starting with the top wire and finishing on the bottom wire. This sequence will reduce the chance of over tensioning or having the previous wires go slack. Attach the wire to one end of that section. Walk to the other end while unspooling the Pingg-Wire. Cut the Pingg-Wire allowing enough length to thread through the mounting holes at this end. As you pull the Pingg-Wire through the first hole take up the slack then pull a further 1 or 2 cm to add a little tension to the Pingg-Wire. Do not over tension because it may reduce the life of the wire.

Mounting Holes
Closeup view showing connection of wires to End Post. Notice the arrow next to each hole. Wires MUST be installed (as illustrated) in the direction of the arrow. Both the Pingg-Wire and insulated cable should have their copper wire wrapped through the metalized holes 3 times.
Tree Clips & Washers

The Tree Clips are installed to give a neat visual finish to electrical connections. The Tree Clip is a firm fit into the hole. Press firmly! We recommend you attach them immediately after installing each Pingg-Wire .

Bracket Clips

Bracket Clips have a slot through which you can pass the Pingg-Wire. These clips push into the holes in the Support Bracket and keep the four Pingg-Wires apart.

Insulated Cable

Insulated Cable connects the End Post to the next adjacent End Post so the puIse continues in the next section. The insulation has been pre-cut 3.5cm from either end to allow easy removal. When you remove this insulation pull off with a twisting motion. This will keep all the fine wires together and make it easy to attach to the End Post.

Customer Reviews

Easy to install and unobtrusive design.

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    18 / 18
    Shane Clark
    Rating: 5/5
    Easy to do.
    Great for gates you can put connections on wires so you can open your gate
    Detlef Georg
    Rating: 4/5
    a few extra clips to secure the wiring would be nice. I dropped two of them and could not find them. Luckily I did not use all of the end-posts and had just enough.
    Helen Greenwood
    Rating: 5/5
    After many weeks of research on how to enclose a 2nd floor deck so my cats didn't fall off, I chose Ping String. I installed it (well, my handyman did - I could not do it mayself) along the balustrade around the perimetre of the .deck and it has worked brilliantly. I think my cats must have touched it once or twice, because now they go out on the deck but won't climb up on the fence/balustrade. It's very unobtrusive visually too.
    Joe Bellavita
    Rating: 5/5
    End posts
    I think the end posts should be a little more rigid as I have customers saying that they break due to cats or possums reaction to static push the brackets to break. But the system is good. [EDITOR: Thanks for your feedback. They have a set break-force by design for safety if overloaded. We haven't found overloading to be common.]
    Steven Bishop
    Rating: 5/5
    Pingg-String End Post Kit
    I was delighted to see the improvement in the mechanism to attach the string - much easier than before - well done, a good innovation. Great product all round.
    Paul Johnston
    Rating: 5/5
    End Post Kit
    After some minor adjustments here and there we have eventually managed to make our cat escape proof (we think, we hope). Due to different levels of the fence and yard in various locations and trees, we had to extend one of our fences and place some extra barrier to cover the low/high areas where our cats could still escape. The barrier was only complicated as our yard is unique in this way with odd fencing at corners, neighbours shed on boundary at back, steps in ground level with retaining wall and trees. All making it a bit of a challenge, but finally we believe we have good continuous barrier right around our boundary. I would suggest if possible to do a similar way we did across large double vehicle access gate, where we started the barrier on one end of gate and ended the barrier on the other gate. So the two ends meet at driveway gate and did not need to go under existing concrete driveway. Saves some time installing.
    Helen Howarth
    Rating: 5/5
    Wire securing
    The new securing mechanism for the wiring is significantly improved on previous versions. Thanks for taking feedback and making this improvement
    Stephen Bott
    Rating: 5/5
    Anti Possum
    Having tried all alternatives including netting and anti-possum sprays I became aware of this product. Not being handy I had cause to seek support from Sureguard personnel who were extremely helpful - no fault of the product just some local issues I had. As far as I can tell the product seems to be working well with no evidence of possum return.
    Rating: 4/5
    Very good design
    Easy to install and well designed. Agree with prior comment about screw size or need for another hole to ensure it stays vertical when the string is in place. Feeding the string through the holes was a bit tricky but overall I was impressed with the product.
    Leo Gasparre
    Rating: 5/5
    Very effective
    Charlie the escape artist cat had his 1st encounter with Ping String over 2 weeks ago & has since not tried to go over the fence. If u r wanting to mount the end post kit on masonry u will find the top mounting hole to close to the edge. U will need to mount it to a timber batten then to the brick. Overall very effective & easy to install.
    Leo Gasparre
    Rating: 4/5
    Not on masonry
    The top hole of the end post that mounts it is to close to the edge of masonry for u to be able to successfully drill the brick without it crumbling. U will need to mount it to a wooden batten fixed to the fence.
    Jennifer Marshall
    Rating: 3/5
    End post dramas
    Found Cat able to squeeze between these or go over between them and they can easily break. Using pingg-string instead of insulated cable to join them worked better for my cat. Make sure that when attaching to fence top that you have them facing the right way otherwise they short-out where the pingg-string wires touch them and a lot of time is wasted undoing them then redoing them.
    Rating: 5/5
    Work well. I have them attached to...
    Work well. I have them attached to glass with adhesive and have had no problems.
    Rating: 5/5
    End posts hold up reasonably well under...
    End posts hold up reasonably well under hand tensioning.
    Rating: 5/5
    Quality product, easy to install...
    Quality product, easy to install. Supplied quickly. Good customer service. When designing the mk2 model post consider a modification to make string tension adjustment quicker and easier than the current threading through holes method
    Rating: 5/5
    Very quick service and very happy with...
    Very quick service and very happy with the product. It has achieved everything I hoped for.
    Rating: 4/5
    Installed the product on a typical...
    Installed the product on a typical treated pine paling fence. Has worked well to deter dogs escaping. The only difficulty I found was in maintaining tension in the wires. The 2 x fixing holes are considerably larger than the suggested 8g screw size, this I am assuming to be to accommodate the various fixing types depending on fence material. However, this created slop in the fixing. A 3rd hole in a triangular pattern would assist preventing this. {Editor: we suggest to go up to the next size screw.]
    Rating: 4/5
    Easy to install and unobtrusive design...
    Easy to install and unobtrusive design

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