Pingg-String Electronic Dog Fence (70m Starter Kit)

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Starter Kit. Extend as required.

Average Rating: 5.0

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Ground Barrier for Dogs

The Pingg-String Electronic Dog Fence uses an electronic pulse applied to a special Pingg-String wire. A typical installation uses a single wire adjusted to just below your dog's nose height. Visually, the wire does not look like a barrier. So your dog tries to go under the wire, but when it touches the wire with its snout your dog is repelled by the pulse. (It feels like common static electricity.) Your dog sees the wire up-close and feels the pulse and associates the two. Your dog learns not to repeat the experience, and in fact most dogs choose to keep their distance from the wire.

This Starter Kit Includes:

  • One Pingg-String Energiser
  • One 70m Barrier
    • 30 x Fiberglass posts
    • 30 x Rubber Post Covers
    • 100 x Pingg-Wire holders
    • 70m Pingg-Wire
    • 10m Insulated Cable
    • 1 x Earth Electrode
    • 1 x User Instructions
    • Instructions
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  • All Reviews

    7 / 7
    Katherine. Peck
    Rating: 5/5
    Small Escapee
    I was getting phone calls and texted photo’’s of my mini poodle happily trotting down our street from neighbours, only when I was at work. I tried large rocks where she was escaping however my larger dog, a bull Arab x GSP was digging the large rocks out and then they would start somewhere else. So after reading the reviews I bought this product. My husband helped me install it and we used just one string about 30-50 cm in front of a thirty metre fence line and around 25-30 cm high. It was easy to install and would not be any trouble to move if I have to. All the dogs have touched the string and none of them will go anywhere near that fence line now. Great product, does exactly what is says it will do. No more eascapees!
    Andrew Cameron
    Rating: 5/5
    Doggies learn fast
    Just installed a Pingg-String around a new lawn-reclamation to become veggie patch. A few attempted incursions later, with some yelps and much doggie pouting, and human rights are now assured.
    Sue Crammond
    Rating: 5/5
    Problem Solved!
    Soon after the Ping String was installed, our dog got her first little ping! Since then she has stayed at least a metre from the fence and we are confident she's not going to dig out the yard anymore. Money well spent. Sureguard customers service was excellent, with advise and quick delivery.
    Andrew Frame
    Rating: 5/5
    Ping String
    We have put a single wire along the rased garden bed,To deter visiting dogs from digging up the flowers. It has worked perfectly from day one.
    Michelle Garside
    Rating: 5/5
    escape artist
    We have had a very successful outcome with our ping string. We thought that our very determined escape artist would never be contained in our yard. Within minutes of the electric fence being installed and a surprised yelp... and no more escaping. It has now been 2 weeks and no escapes! Thanks for all of your help and support 😃👍
    Rating: 5/5
    flower beds saved
    Product arrived quickly and easy to install. Works great at keeping the dog out of the flower beds as intended.
    Simone Smith
    Rating: 5/5
    I recommend to anyone thinking of purchasing!
    So incredibly happy that I found your product as my two staffys for the past two years have been doing my head in! Literally the only product I've tried that has worked out of (what I would presume) hundreds of products! 10/10 would recommend to anyone thinking of purchasing!

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