Rechargeable Radio Collar for Wireless Dog Electric Fence

Extra Radio Collars for Wireless Dog Electric Fence

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A Radio Collar for Every Dog...

Sureguard has manufactured Wireless Dog Electric Fences in Australia since 1997. Sureguard pioneered using a digital transmission for its collars and solar power to run its boundary wire transmitter. We've utilised this advanced technology for over 20 years and we've continued to improve as electronics has advanced. Sureguard was granted two patents for innovative features you won't find elsewhere. All of this is to ensure your dogs are as safe as possible.

Do you have a small, medium or large size dog? No problem!  The Sureguard collar is small and light weight covering neck sizes from 20cm to 62cm.

Do you have a stubborn dog or a sensitive dog or somewhere in between? No problem!  The Sureguard collar automatically adjusts the correction according to your dog's behaviour. You can also set the collar correction manually to one of 10 levels.

Sureguard Collars have many unique features

  • External 5-Colour Status Light: Know at a glance whether the collar is fully operational.

  • Patented Collar Fit Monitor: Be assured your dog is actually feeling the correction.

  • Attempted Escape Monitor: Know if your dog's behaviour has changed and perhaps your dog is trying to escape while you're not at home.

  • Learning Mode: Automatically sets just the right amount of correction for each dog's temperament.

  • Training Mode: Makes training your dog easy.

How is my dog contained?

A boundary wire defines your dogs new limits. You adjust an activation distance on the collar which effectively creates a predictable no-go area around this wire. This no-go area is spilt into two zones. Your dog first encounters the outer zone. The collar emits a 3 second audible warning which gives your dog the opportunity to back away and stay contained. If ignored, the collar disciplines your dog with a static correction. This is intended as a reminder. In the unusual circumstance that your dog does not back away, the collar will present another 3 seconds of warning followed by another correction.

What happens if my dog ignores the warning?

When the inner zone is detected the 3 seconds warning is cancelled and the collar immediately disciplines your dog. The collar automatically selects the strength according to the number and frequency of escape attempts. So, if you have an obedient dog or a timid dog they will receive just enough correction for their behaviour. If you have a stubborn dog you can be assured that one of the 10 correction levels will provide enough persuasion. And, if you prefer, you can manually select the correction level.

How quickly will my dog learn to be contained?

Before you leave your dog on the system you need to train your dog to back-off in response to the warning sound. Training generally takes at about 50 minutes spread over 10 five minute sessions during the first 2 days. The collar is set to TRAIN which switches off the correction. Important: your dog must not feel the correction until training is complete. During the second half of day two you switch the collar to AUTO which switches on the correction. Then monitor your dog from a distance waiting for that first encounter with the fence. When your dog experiences that first correction you should see an immediate jumping back away from the boundary, just like you'e conditioned your dog to do with the training. Your dog will finish his own training as he explores his new limits.

How wide is the no-go area?

During installation you will adjust the activation distance on the collar to suit your dog's escape behaviour. For example, if your dog is a runner you'd generally select a longer distance. If your dog is jumping over a fence, the activation distance should be a little more that the height of the fence. For example, when jumping a 1.5m fence you'd select at about 2m. If your dog is a digger you can select the minimum distance (about 1m).


Better by Sureguard...

Sureguard's design focus was to achieve the highest success rate at a reasonable price.
  • Collar is sealed against water and dust (IP Rating IP57). Suitable for swimming.
  • Collar has 10 manually selectable correction levels. Maximum correction is 30 times stronger than minimum. (Some brands only have 1, 2 or 3 levels).
  • Collar auto-mode setting learns your dog's behaviour and applies just the right amount of correction. (No guess work needed).
  • Each dog on the system gets a customised correction level (as silly as it might seem, some systems give all dogs the same correction!).
  • Correction level can be manually set for each dog, if you wish.
  • Correction pulse has high fur penetration due to Sureguard's special electronics design.
  • Correction monitor checks to ensure your dog felt the correction and notifies you in case fur gets in the way.
  • Escape indicator registers attempted escapes during the last 10 hours. Know how your dog is behaving when you're not at home!
  • Collar has an internal rechargeable battery that only needs a 3-hour recharge about every 3 months and includes a low battery indicator.
  • The collar activation distance is fully adjustable from 1m to more than 4m.
  • Each dog can have a different activation distance, which is useful if you have small and large dogs. (Some systems set all dogs to the same distance).
  • Collar incorporates a handy five colour Status Light where the colour conveys the operating condition of the collar (see User Instructions for details).

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  • One radio collar is included in the main Starter Kit. Add extra collars for each extra dog you have.
  • If you are replacing a Sureguard collar purchased between 2004 and 2017 this new collar is compatible with your existing system but you need to select the accessories option (above) when placing this product into the cart. Accessories include an Australian 240 volt power charger, compatible collar tester and threadlocker glue. You only need to order these accessories once.

Sureguard collars have many unique features:

  • External 5-Colour Status Light: Know at a glance whether the collar is fully operational.
  • Patented Collar Fit Monitor: Be assured your dog is actually feeling the correction.
  • Attempted Escape Counter: Know if your dog's behaviour has changed and perhaps your dog is trying to escape while you're not at home.
  • Learning Mode: Automatically sets just the right amount of correction for each dog's temperament.
  • Training Mode: Makes training your dog easy.

Collar Receiver Specifications:

  • Wear Duration: Maximum 12-hours in any 24-hour period.
  • Dimensions: 30mm x 41.6mm x 55.7mm.
  • Weight: 63g (2.2oz)
  • Ingress Protection Rating: IP57 (survives 30 minutes water immersion at 1m).
  • Activation Distance: Adjustable 1m to more than 4m.
  • Correction Levels: 10.
  • Correction Output Minimum: 31mA peak, 2.3mArms, 0.4mJ/S.
  • Correction Output Maximum: 77mA peak, 34mArms, 12mJ/S
  • Battery Running Time: Up to 6-months.
  • Battery Recharge Time: 3-hours.
  • Automatic Cut-Out: Collar correction is limited to a maximum 8 second.

Collar Fabric Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 19mm wide, 1.8mm thick.
  • Suitable Neck Sizes:
    • Small to Medium Dogs: 20cm to 40cm
    • Medium to Large Dogs: 30cm to 62cm
  • Material: High grade TPU with encapsulated nylon webbing. Flexible, durable with a quality look texture.
Can a dog run so fast that the collar does not activate?

This is not be an issue.

Does the fur need to be trimmed behind the collar?

Yes, especially during the initial learning phase. We need to be absolutely certain that fur does not prevent the correction from being felt. As the fur grows back, if it becomes too thick, your collar will indicate (via Status Light) if the correction is not being felt. If that happens, you know you need to regularly trim the fur behind the collar. Different breeds have different needs.

What is pressure necrosis?

Pressure necrosis is a skin condition that can develop if a collar is too tight or worn for extended periods of time. Imagine wearing shoes too small for you. The combined effect of pressure from the tight fit and rubbing from walking may eventually lead to sores on your feet. Something similar may happen for a collar on a dog's neck. The collar needs to be sufficiently firm to make contact with your dog's skin but not tight enough that the skin is under pressure.

Dogs with Sureguard collars rarely experience pressure necrosis. Two of our design features reduce the problem: 1/ The correction points on the rear of the Sureguard collar have a large diameter to reduce pressure, actually up to 70% less than some brands. 2/ The electronics in the Sureguard collar produces a correctional pulse that can tolerate a small gap between the skin and collar so the correction can still be felt with some fur growth. So, why don't other brands do the same? Simply cost; the Sureguard design costs more to produce to achieve this performance gain.

Why do you not have a dedicated stronger "stubborn dog" collar?

Sureguard manufacture one collar that works for all dogs, whether sensitive or stubborn. This "stubborn dog" feature is already built into the Sureguard collar. You don't need to buy a more expensive model simply because you have a bigger problem!

My dog escaped and when it came back would not cross the boundary, why?

If your dog is so motivated to leave it may decide the correction is worth putting up with. In other words, his desire of the reward is stronger than his avoidance of the correction. On the way back his desire to get back to the house is not as strong as his avoidance of the correction. If this behaviour persists, contact Sureguard as we have a proven technique to change the balance between his level of desire and avoidance of the correction.

How do I allow my dog to cross the boundary when going for walks?

To go for walks, develop a pattern of interaction with your dog.

  1. Show your dog the walking lead.
  2. In an up beat tone tell your dog it is time for going walks "GOING WALKS".
  3. Attach the lead to your dog's usual collar.
  4. Remove the radio collar.
  5. Show your dog the radio collar and again in an up beat tone say "GOING WALKS".
  6. Leave the radio collar behind.
  7. Cross the boundary at the same spot every time you leave for walks and always on the lead. NEVER allow your dog to cross the boundary while off the lead.
  8. Follow the reverse procedure on the return. Remember to tell other family members to follow your routine.

Important: During the initial training period you must NOT allow your dog to walk across the boundary as it may reduce the effectiveness of the training. Instead, remove the collar and leave your property by car. Wait a few weeks to ensure your dogs behaviour is stable before going walks as described above.

  • Do not use an electronic barrier to restrain a DANGEROUS DOG. A dangerous dog is:
  • A dog that has been trained to attack or bite any person or anything attached or worn by a person.
  • Has been declared to be dangerous by the relevant authorities.
  • Do not use an electronic barrier if failure of the system could result in personal injury, animal injury, or property loss or damage.
  • Do not install an electronic barrier in areas where a hazard might be created or possibly cause harm.
  • Compliance Information for customers in Victoria.
  • Electronic collars are not allowed in ACT and SA.

Customer Reviews

Excellent product. Does the job. Tough and durable.


Sureguard do make a very reliable dog collar that works. Our beagle has only infringed the fence line once. In six years great peace of mind. Product & customer service is professional.

  • All Reviews

    25 / 76
    Steve Donaldson
    Rating: 5/5
    Replacement Collar
    Fit for purpose.
    Pablo Wilbert
    Rating: 5/5
    The product got better
    I have used the sure guard for about 7 years with my German short haired pointers. Works a treat and saves me a heap of anxiety from missing dogs!
    Kim Durack
    Rating: 5/5
    Ordered a replacement dog collar. Arrived in Perth the next day.
    Tom Laudon
    Rating: 5/5
    Great product
    Installed this for a customer. I am now recommending it to others. It works great we are. very happy
    George Taylor
    Rating: 4/5
    Maintains existing assets
    I received the new rechargable collar after the older model stopped working (was sitting on the self for 18 months). The new collar is expensive, but works with the old unit and wire system. The collar itself looks a bit light-on for a staffy but its going ok after a couple of weeks use. [Editor: Expensive?? The new collar is the same price as the previous version and we haven't raised the price for nearly 10 years. The new collar is perfect for staffies. Set the correction level to full and it is 30 times more than minimum. You couldn't do that with the previous model and most of our competitors!]
    Leonard Gaston
    Rating: 5/5
    service is top notch when I had query sure guard rung me strait away to answer my question
    Leonard Gaston
    Rating: 5/5
    radio collar
    works very well and dog does not mind it at all
    Jeffrey Boon
    Rating: 5/5
    Rechargeable collar
    Works well, love the LED warning light that lets you know when the mutt has made an escape attempt. Solid, waterproof and lasts ages between charges. I don't miss buying and fitting the batteries like on the old one.
    Rating: 5/5
    Saved our sanity
    We’ve had Sureguard fences for the past 9 or so years- our dogs are VERY persistent! We recently got a new one as our old one was a bit weather worn. The product has always been great & the service is also excellent. I recommend Sureguard to every dog owner! It gives me such peace of mind.
    Selwyn Weidemann
    Rating: 5/5
    electronic dog fence
    well worth the money ,would recommend this dog fence system to anyone
    Dearne Allen
    Rating: 5/5
    Rechargeable Dog Collar
    This has been a lifesaver for our sanity and the wellbeing of our dog. Well worth it. 😊
    Rating: 5/5
    Good solution for roo-chasing greyhound
    The effort to lay the boundary was worth the effort as the hound would jump the fence or rush the gate daily if not chained up. Now I'm not forever expecting a call from the pound or the vets.
    Rating: 5/5
    Collar is fantastic
    very easy to use and much better than the brands I have used before.
    Alan Drummond
    Rating: 5/5
    Boundary collar
    Excellent service highly recommended collar if you want something that works you cant go pass this product
    Rating: 5/5
    Highly Recommend
    I live in a rental property, a section of the wire mesh fence can’t contain my Separation Anxiety border collie (trust me I tried!). I was worried sick any time I’m late getting home. I tried this system as a desperate last resort. It was easy to set up and works amazingly, the coloured light flashing system is fantastic. She no longer goes near the fence, even without the collar. The only issue is I have to be careful that if I set the collar to ‘maximum’ shock delivery that it doesn’t instead go on ‘training’ no-shock mode as the dial is slightly offset on her collar. This company have great customer service too.
    Denis Austin
    Rating: 5/5
    The New rechargeable wireless collar
    Great improvement on the previous battery operated version.
    Colin Connaughton
    Rating: 5/5
    Comparing the "new"/"old" collars
    We have recently acquired a second dog, and his Sureguard collar is proving just as effective as our first - I'm happy to recommend It. Our previous collar was the battery powered version, and has been entirely successful. Battery life is fine (we replace annually with a freshly purchased battery). The new re-chargeable collar is a bit more bulky, which is OK, but a little awkward for our 4.5Kg terrier. The clasp of the rubber/plastic collar is not as convenient as the previous snap clip, and the collar itself seems less durable than the woven material. Finally, the audible signals from the new collar are more difficult for me to hear (this may be my problem, not yours!) which made training a little more difficult. Overall, we'd prefer the format and materials of the "old" collar, even if it means sacrificing the re-charging capability. Having said all that, both collars work exactly as promised and have given our dogs a degree of freedom that we could not have otherwise achieved - thanks again.
    Warren & Libby Hicks
    Rating: 5/5
    Big improvement
    We have been happy with an old style collar for many years which we found to be very effective, although resetting and changing batteries was a bit of a hassle. The new style with a rechargeable battery and coloured leds to indicate its status is much more convenient to use and worth the investment.
    Stuart Johansen
    Rating: 5/5
    I had an issue with my collar, Sureguard were so helpful in checking up what was wrong and then did their utmost to repair the problem. Two big thumbs up to these guys. A great product which they are looking for ways to make it better all the time. Well done. Stu Johansen
    Sarah Wyhoon
    Rating: 5/5
    Great Product!
    I’ve used the solar wireless boundary fence for nearly 3 years now and love it! It saved us from spending thousands on a fence we didn’t want. I highly recommend this collar, wireless solar fence & this company.
    George Stewart
    Rating: 5/5
    On the Scent
    Our latest Sureguard purchase a replacement radio collar. The pold one from 5 years ago was the battery type and after many immersions in the pond eventually corroded beyond the point of replacement. Now both dogs back under control after a couple of bush adventures. Great product . Before we had the collars the dogs would disappear over the fence for hours..
    Tim Worboys
    Rating: 3/5
    Collar ok
    Collar was about 70% effective. Our dog still ran the gauntlet across the driveway which was pretty frustrating. Good product otherwise.
    Rating: 5/5
    Dog Radio Collar
    The new Radio Collar is a great improvement on what was a great product already. I no longer have to chase my labrador down the road in my work shoes! The improvements include a rechargeable battery and IP57 rating for the case so hopefully it won't erode from swimming in the dam. Thanks for listening to my feedback! The collar itself doesn't smell bad like the old one.
    Anita Milburn
    Rating: 5/5
    Wireless radio collar.
    Very impressed with this product. Works wonders on my Rottweiler. Definitely worth purchasing if your dog likes to wander.
    Paul Cook
    Rating: 5/5
    Replacement Collar
    Bought because original was great and lasted longer than expected! Great product.

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