Boundary Wire Ties (100pc)

Boundary Wire Ties (100pc)

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Secure the boundary wire to an existing wire fence or other structure.

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Simplify Your Boundary Wire Installation

Fastening Boundary Wire to a Fence

The Boundary Wire of your new Wireless Dog Electric Fence can be installed onto an existing wire fence. This could be domestic dog mesh fencing or rural post and wire fencing. Sureguard Boundary Wire Ties allow you to quickly secure your Boundary Wire to your existing fence.


  • Sureguard recommends you install the Boundary Wire no higher than 20cm above ground level, or at the very most the height above ground-level your dog will wear the collar.
  • The Boundary Wire is made from copper because it gives the greater boundary distances. However, copper is not as strong as steel. You must tie the Boundary Wire frequently so that the existing steel fence wires support it. You also want to avoid creating stress points where the Boundary Wire is attached. Boundary Wire Ties are attached no more than 1m apart and closer (50cm) is recommended.

Sureguard Boundary Wire Ties are compatible with the following brands of Wireless Dog Electric Fence:
PetSafe®, Sportdog Brand®, Hidden Fence®, DogWatch®, Innotek®, Invisible Fence®, Eyenimal®, etc.