Boundary Wire Tie-Down Pegs (20pc)

Boundary Wire Tie-Down Pegs (20pc)

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Secure the boundary wire to soil or turf with these steel pegs.

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Simplify Your Boundary Wire Installation

Fastening Boundary Wire to the Ground

The Boundary Wire of your new Wireless Dog Electric Fence does not necessarily need to be buried. It can often be installed at ground level. In difficult terrain, for example, soil containing tree roots, rocks, stones and other obstacles, you will want to install the Boundary Wire on top of the ground. Of course, sometimes it's simply more convenient not to bury the wire even though it's possible. Surface installation is often quicker and easier. And, if you have mulch on your garden it's okay to put it on top of the Boundary Wire.

  • Sureguard recommends you install the Boundary Wire Tie-Down Pegs at between 1m to 5m intervals (3-16ft) . Ensure the Boundary Wire is secure and safe and not a trip hazard.
  • If installing across turf or lawn, we recommend the Boundary Wire be under the surface to avoid damage during grass mowing.

Sureguard Boundary Wire Tie-Down Pegs are compatible with the following brands of Wireless Dog Electric Fence:
PetSafe®, Sportdog Brand®, Hidden Fence®, DogWatch®, Innotek®, Invisible Fence®, Eyenimal®, etc.

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    A very handy product as we have no...
    A very handy product as we have no fence at all, these pushed into the soil very easily and used a hammer to knock them into a shaley/sandstone earth.