Boundary Wire Repair Kit (5pc)

Boundary Wire Joiner Kit (5pc)

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Make a watertight seal when joining the boundary wires.

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Reliable Boundary Wire Installation

Joining & Repairing Boundary Wire

It is vital that the Boundary Wire of your new Wireless Dog Electric Fence is always in top working condition. Your dog may escape if performance of the Boundary Wire degrades or the Boundary Wire breaks. Sureguard specifically manufacture these waterproof seals for its wire to ensure reliable long-term operation of your boundary joints.

Simply apply heat to the cap to simultaneously heat the adhesive inside the cap and shrink the cap onto the wire joint.

Strip Insulation

This is the first step.

Remove 15mm (1/2") of insulation to expose clean, bright, not corroded copper.

Twist Together

This is the second step.

Twist the pair of copper wires together almost the full length of copper.

Fit Cap

This is the third step.

Place the cap over the twisted copper wire and some overlap of the insulation.

Apply Heat

This is the fourth step.

Apply heat evenly around the cap. The heat will simultaneously melt the adhesive inside the cap and will shrink the cap onto the wire joint and plastic. Apply heat long enough for the adhesive to seal the joint.

Better by Sureguard...

The Sureguard Boundary Wire Joiner Kit adds an adhesive bond to the wire and insulation thus forming a watertight seal. Without a watertight seal the copper will eventually corrode compromising the transmission signal. You may not know until your dogs escape!

Avoid Using:

  • Wire Nuts - Wire nuts will connect the wires but on their own do not give a waterproof seal.

  • Electrical Tape - Electrical tape won't give a waterproof seal.

  • Automotive Connectors - These are rarely designed to give a waterproof seal.

  • Heat Shrink - Heat shrink without any internal adhesive won't give a waterproof seal.

  • Solder Splices - Solder splices without any internal adhesive won't give a waterproof seal.

Customer Reviews

I am a sparky. Your fence repair kit is excellent, easy to use and totally waterproof thus preventing shorting and corrosion.


Great to keep on hand for those unexpected joins or breaks.