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Birds Deterrent Tape Telescopic Pole 2m

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Optional accessory. Reduce entanglement or to fly the tape high.

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2m Telescopic Pole

An optional accessory, designed to mount bird tape and keep it safe from entanglement in the tree canopy or against other objects. May also be used vertically to give the bird tape extra height.

  • One Telescopic Pole. Length 31cm to 200cm max.
  • Two cable ties for installing the pole.

How do Bird Deterrent Tapes Work?

How Bird Deterrent Tapes Work

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    Friendly sheep
    Rating: 5/5
    Also works for ducks and geese
    I also use the rod with deterrent tape to shepherd my geese and ducks. I don't move it around too quickly so as not to frighten them. Gengly they move on and because the rod is 2m long the birds can't easily sneak past. It makes rounding them up very easy.
    Friendly sheep
    Rating: 5/5
    Scare eagle and hawks
    I taped about 1m of the heavy duty 50mm tape to the end of the rod and used it to wave at predator hawks and eagles. They instantly fly away when I wave the extended rod and tape in the air. It always scares them away.

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