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Bird Deterrent Tape - 100mm (Extra Wide)

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Designed to deter birds at a greater distance. Effective area 400 square meters.

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100mm Extra Wide Bird Tape

Designed to deter at a greater distance.

  • One roll of bird tape 15m long and 100mm wide.

How do Bird Deterrent Tapes Work?

How Bird Deterrent Tapes Work

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    Rating: 5/5
    Tested the wider tape
    I bought the 50mm tape and this 100mm. Both are good. I use this 100mm one on fruit trees because it is more visible from a distance.
    Nicole Murphie
    Rating: 1/5
    Bird Deterrent Tape - Unfortunately does not deter Pee Wees
    At first it looked promising, as the birds stayed away for a couple of hours, but soon the tape and bird poo were side by side on the railing.

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