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Replacement Collar Fabric for Neck Sizes 20-40cm (for 2018+ Collars)
Replacement dog collar fabric for neck sizes 20cm to 40cm.
AU$ 19.50 19.5 AUD
Replacement Fabric with Eyelets for Radio Dog Collar (Version 2004-2017)
We have them if you need them. They are made tough.
AU$ 19.50 19.5 AUD
(5 Ratings)
Replacement Australian Power Adapter 12V 150mA
For pre-2016 models of mains operated: Pingg-String & Radio Fence Transmitter.
AU$ 11.00 11.0 AUD
(5 Ratings)
Optional "Chew Guard" for Dog Fence Collar (Version 2004-2017)
Do your dogs play rough? Safeguard your collar investment against chewing.
AU$ 15.00 15.0 AUD
(10 Ratings)
Replacement Solar Rechargeable Battery Model 201
For pre-2016 models: S1, S2, S4, Pingg-String & Radio Fence Transmitter. Model 201 (KRDH Type)
AU$ 56.00 56.0 AUD
(42 Ratings)
Replacement Key for Energisers
Key for Pingg-String, Pro-Tech 5 & Radio Fence Transmitter.
AU$ 5.50 5.5 AUD
Batteries for the Wireless Dog Fence Collar 5-Pack (Version 2004-2017)
CR2032 batteries for the Dog Radio Collars.
AU$ 14.00 14.0 AUD
(9 Ratings)
Replacement Collar Tester (Version 2004-2017)
Check that your collar is working to specification.
AU$ 6.00 6.0 AUD
(2 Ratings)
Dog Collar Tester (2018+ Version)
Check that your collar is working to specification.
AU$ 6.60 6.6 AUD