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Threadlocker S-263 10ml
Lock the screw-on correction probes.
AU$ 9.90 9.9 AUD
Replacement Green Post Caps (30pc)
Just the green rubber top cap.
AU$ 5.50 5.5 AUD
Replacement Rubber Wire Holders (100pc)
Rubber holders for the Pingg-String wire.
AU$ 7.00 7.0 AUD
M1 intelligent USB charger
AU$ 24.95 24.95 AUD
Replacement Battery Rechargeable Lithium 18650 LiFePO4
For current models: Pro-Tech 5, Pingg-String & Radio Fence Transmitter.
AU$ 16.50 16.5 AUD
Replacement Solar Rechargeable Battery for 10km Solar Energizer and Model SP2
For pre-2016 models: S10 Solar Energizer and SP2 Pingg-String. P/N #207
AU$ 44.00 44.0 AUD
(10 Ratings)
Replacement Output Leads for Solar Electric Fence
For current model Pro-Tech 5 Solar Electric Fence
AU$ 19.00 19.0 AUD
Replacement Output Leads for Pingg String Energiser
For current model Pingg-String Solar Electric Fence
AU$ 15.00 15.0 AUD
Optional / Replacement Support Post
For current models: Pro-Tech 5, Pingg-String, & Dog e-Fence.
AU$ 7.50 7.5 AUD