How to Stop a Dog Whining, Whinging or Crying

How to Stop a Dog Whining, Whinging or Crying

A whinging, whining, crying dog can be so annoying and irritating. Have you ever wondered "Why does my dog cry and whine so much?"

Sad looking dog that may have just been whining or crying.

What Does It Mean When A Dog Whines Or Cries?

Whining is a perfectly natural behaviour for a young puppy as this is how they get attention from their mother. It's when the whining or crying drags on and becomes a long term persistent behaviour that it becomes a problem.

Before you try to control your dog's whining behaviour, you should understand the reason why your dog whines. Whining or crying for any of the following reasons should be addressed first before using a training aid.

  • Basic needs: food, water, walks, toilet, attention or affection.
  • Instinctive communication: Is happy or excited, sad, anxious or scared.
  • In pain: medical problem, too hot, too cold, too wet, etc.

Unfortunately, whining can also be a way for your dog to get what he wants when he wants it. In this case, it becomes an unconscious habit – a bad habit. It can be heartbreaking or annoying, depending on the situation. You should aim to control dog whining immediately to prevent a bad habit from forming. Any of the training devices below will help. These training aids are used to present your dog with a distraction whenever the annoying behaviour occurs. Press the button on a remote control as soon as the whinging or whining starts. Timing is important. Always follow the manufacturers recommended procedures.

It's important to understand that none of these training aids punish the dog, but simply present a distraction that your dog will find annoying. Once your dog realizes that the whinging or crying triggers the distraction then the behaviour will start to come under your control.

NOTE: We do not recommend anti-bark collars for whinging, crying or whining dogs because the bark detection mechanism only detects barking.

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