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Before visiting your local Bunnings store, please check the Bunnings website to see whether they have stock. Make sure you select your local Bunnings store before searching on the Bunnings website for "Sureguard".

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Sun & Shade Snake Repellent (4-Pack)

  • Does not require sunlight. Works in sun and shade.
  • Powered by two D-Cell Alkaline batteries for up to 12 months running time.
  • Place multiple repellents up to 25m apart.


Snake Repellents Premium Solar (4-PACK)

Advanced New Features

  • Long-Life Super-Capacitor: Backup power for nights and cloudy weather. Up to 3 weeks of backup power. No batteries required!
  • Improved Vibration: 150% more powerful than many other brands. 55% more powerful than our previous premium model.
  • 100 Second Multi-Pulse Vibration: Uses a changing pulse pattern that repeats on a 100 second cycle. This is designed to reduce potential desensitisation in snakes.
  • Welded Case:  Now has an Ingress Protection Rating of IP65 which is widely accepted as "waterproof".

Other Built-in Features

  • "Case Glow" LED garden night light.
  • ON/OFF Switch.
  • Up to about 30m coverage.

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