Sureguard Snake Repellents Available from Bunnings

Don't wait to see a snake*

You can purchase the following 2 models at your local Bunnings Warehouse or Store.
Visit Bunnings Special Orders Department for more information.

Take a printed copy of this page for reference and quote account SUR060.

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Solar Snake Repellent with Multi-Pulse Vibration and Garden Light

  • Quality, full featured snake repellent.
  • Multi-Pulse vibration pattern changes through the week. Helps deter snakes that encounter the repellent again.
  • LED garden night light.
  • 3-Switchable operating modes including ON/OFF.
  • New improved higher power solar components.
  • Includes internal AA rechargeable battery for day and night use.
  • Battery easy to replace.
  • Place multiple repellents up to 25m apart.


Sun & Shade Snake Repellent (4-Pack)

  • Does not require sunlight. Works in sun and shade.
  • Powered by two D-Cell Alkaline batteries for up to 12 months running time.
  • Place multiple repellents up to 25m apart.


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