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Pingg-String Fence-Top Barrier

The most economical, inconspicuous, electronic possum barrier you'll find!
  • Protect individual plants from possums.
  • Recommended by leading landscape gardeners.

Two Installation Methods:

Protect your garden from possums in one of two ways.

  1. Install the Pingg-String Barrier around the full garden perimeter (recommended).
  2. Install just around valuable plants.

Compare the two methods:

Image Example

This Quotation Calculator is intended to protect individual plants. For Full Garden Protection, visit this alternative page.

Quote Full Garden Protection

Checklist before starting this quote:

  1. The Pingg-String Energiser is installed to collect 1~2 hours of full sun and facing northwards. Decide on a suitable location anywhere along the barrier.
    NOTE: Most installations only need one Energiser.
  2. This Fence-Top Barrier is designed for installation on top of existing timber, brick and colourbond fencing.
  3. Other types of fence materials might be accommodated by attaching small timber blocks to the fence and installing the Pingg-String components to these timber blocks.

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How many separated sections of Fence-Top Barrier do you want to install?

For example, if you have three garden beds separated by some distance you would be installing THREE sections of Fence-Top Barrier.

What is the total distance between separated sections of Fence-Top Barrier?

For example, let's say you have three sections (we'll call them A, B & C), with distance between A & B of 10m and distance between B & C of 2m. Then the total length is 12m. You would choose the 0-15m option below.

What is the total length of Fence-Top Barrier you want to install?

For example, let's say you have three sections (we'll call them A, B & C), with length of A & B being 8m each, length of C being 20m. Then the total length is 36m. You would choose the 31m-45m option below.

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