Pest Control - Bird Deterrent Reflective Tapes

Bird Deterrent Tapes

3-in-1 Repellent Actions

Humane and natural pest control that is more economical than bird spikes, bird netting, bird trapping or chemical deterrents.

3-in-1 Repellent Action:

Scary Light

Sureguard’s bird control tapes feature high intensity, solar powered, flashes of light. These reflective tapes are made using a similar technology to holograms. When sunlight hits the tape, light is reflected at hundreds of points along the tape’s length. Unlike ordinary reflections, the sun’s light is emitted at many different angles and colours. So, when birds are flying above or towards the tape they will see many flashing high intensity points of coloured light caused by reflection of the sun.
Keep birds away with this randomly reflective light. Safe for the bird but very scary!

Scary Movement

Sureguard’s Bird Deterrent Tapes are made from a special polyester film (mylar®) that enables them to easily wave to-and-fro, even in the slightest wind.

Birds avoid this frightening moving unpredictable flapping thing!

Scary Sound

Some of Sureguard’s Bird Deterrent Tapes are designed to emit a sound like the crackling of plastic wrapping when the tape flaps in the wind. Very little wind is needed to activate this sonic bird repellent action.

A sharp crack sound that birds don't like.

Typical Uses – Protect Your:

  • Vegetable gardens and fruit trees.
  • Newly seeded lawns.
  • Buildings, windows, balconies, patios, gazebo and pool areas.
  • Fish ponds.
  • Motor vehicles, boats or dock from bird soiling or damage.
  • Deter inappropriate nesting and roosting.

5 Styles of Bird Tape

Bird Tape Optional Accessories

  • 2m Telescopic Extension Pole
    Designed to keep tape away from entanglement in the tree canopy or against other objects being protected. Or use it vertically for extra height.
  • Metal Bird Tape Crimps
    Designed to anchor to the bird tape. When used in conjunction with wire or cord it allows maximum freedom of motion. Also minimises stress on the tape's anchor points to maximise tape life.

Deter Many Breeds

Brush Turkeys, Cockatoos, Ducks, Egret, Mynas, Parrots, Pelicans, Pigeons, Ravens, Sparrows, Swallows, and similar birds.

Sureguard's Features

  • Reflective on both sides for increased effectiveness.
  • Large holographic pattern creates a higher intensity flash that protects at a greater distance.
  • Multi-colour flashes.
  • Thicker tape available for longer life.

Customer Benefits

  • Simple to use.
  • Typically works immediately.
  • The 3-in-1 combination of deterrents is a powerful solution which lessens the likelihood of birds getting used to the deterrent.

How to use Bird Deterrent Tape

  • The bird tape is supplied on rolls. Simply cut the bird tape into suitable lengths and attach on &/or around the area being protected. Using longer pieces is usually better but the tape should be free to move and not able to get tangled with adjacent objects or neighbouring tapes. Don’t skimp on materials. Install many pieces of tape frequently around the whole area being protected, and if practical, a little beyond.
  • When the tape moves about in the wind, the anchor point is a stress point that can break. Minimise this stress by using the Sureguard tape crimps.
  • You may choose to wrap and tie the bird tape around the plant or tree but the action of the movement deterrent will be considerably lessened.
  • To protect fruit trees: Aim to stop birds testing fruit for ripeness. Install about 1-2 weeks before ripening. Don’t let the fruit get too ripe as its attractant value will compete against the repellent action of the bird tape. Timing of your harvest is key to minimizing fruit loss. Be vigilant and realistic in expectations. Remove the tape as soon as the crop has finished. Rewind it onto its spool. Do not reuse damaged tape!
  • To deter nesting and roosting: Best to repel birds before they are about to land. Make sure the tape is visible from the air or from the bird’s typical flight path. Choose a 50mm or 100mm bird tape, which are visible at a greater distance.  Keep the bird tape in place as long as practical after the wrong behaviour has ceased.

Bird Psychology

Animal psychologists have observed that birds and animals possess a flight zone, which if encroached upon by a potential predator or threat will result in alarm and escape behaviour. Birds and animals faced with approaching danger must decide when to initiate their flight. The size of the zone can vary according to circumstances and is a balance between risk of capture verses loss of an opportunity.

This flight zone was observed when Sureguard Bird Deterrent Tapes were trialled with grape vines. Those vines protected by tape had about a 5m diameter circle of protection. Adjacent, unprotected vines, were completely stripped of grapes once they became ripe.

It’s important to understand that the size of the flight zone will vary with the application. You may need some trial-and-error testing for your situation. Factors that affect the size of the flight zone are:

  • Smaller bird species perceive a smaller zone because they are more agile at escaping danger.
  • The flight zone will be smaller when food is an attractant and more so when food or water is scarce.
  • The flight zone may decrease as fruit becomes ripe.
  • The flight zone will be larger when the area is often frequented by people.
  • Flock size: A group of birds may be emboldened to approach closer than as an individual might. The flight zone decreases for groups of birds.
  • Visibility of the tape: Place tapes so birds will see them at a greater distance.
  • Vegetation height: Place tapes well above or to the sides of existing vegetation or trees so the tapes are clearly visible from a distance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is bird tape the same as hanging CD and DVD’s?
No. To the human eye the reflected colours might suggest these work like the bird tapes. However, the reflective pattern on bird tapes have large dedicated reflective areas that throw flashes of light far greater distances and are therefore more effective.

Do the bird tapes work in cloudy conditions?
Yes. The flash requires direct sunlight hitting the tape. In cloud the flash effect is diminished but the movement and crack noise still work.

Do birds get used to the tape?
The 3-in-1 deterrents are random and unpredictable. This makes it difficult for birds to predict what will happen. While a scarecrow in a field doesn’t move and birds may not be fooled for long, the unpredictable behaviour of the bird tape gives a strong and persistent repellent action. If birds do start to get bold we suggest rearranging the installed tapes so the area looks new and different.

Will the Bird Deterrent Tape affect my indoor birds?
Yes, that could happen if they can see it close by through the window. Don't install the tape where your birds see it.

Is Sureguard Bird Deterrent Tape sticky?
Only one in our range is sticky. The rest are physically secured into place.

How durable is the bird tape in a marine environment?
Salt spray will shorten the life of the film. Every environment is different so you need to trial the product yourself.

Is the bird tape waterproof?
The Sureguard Bird Tape is quite durable. The tape has been tested for months and subjected to hot weather, persistent humidity, heavy rains and strong winds. Strong winds can cause the tape to break. Water had little effect.

How long does the bird tape last?
No life expectancy can be given. Physical stress on the anchor point of the tape may cause the tape to eventually break. In a windy environment the life will be shorter. Once the tape has finished its job, you can wrap it back onto its roll and reuse it.

Will the tape repel bats?
Sureguard have not tested the tape on bats. Obviously, the flashing aspect won’t work at night. The crack sound is just below bat hearing range. However, the movement of the tape with wind might influence bats.

5 Bird Deterrent Tapes and 2 Accessories

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