Dog Electric Fence

Dog Electric Fence

The "Pingg-String" Electronic Dog Fence was invented by Sureguard as an alternative to the Invisible Wireless Dog Fence which can run into technical difficulties where  containment areas are less than 10 - 15m wide or long.

In small containment areas all brands of Wireless Fence have limitations. They may be more prone to false triggering unless special custom wiring techniques are used. The living area left over for your dog can be quite reduced because the Wireless Fence creates a no-go AREA around the whole perimeter. For example, if your dog is jumping or climbing a 1.5m high fence you'll need a no-go area equal to the height of the fence all around the perimeter. If your property is only 10m wide your dog will be restricted to only 7m. At corners this distance will be reduced further. Rather than creating a no-go area, the Pingg-String can define a precise line beyond which your dog should not pass.

The Pingg-String Energizer puts a special electrical impulse on the barrier wire. This impulse feels like strong static electricity. Your dog will quickly learn that touching the wire is unpleasant. Even stubborn dogs will avoid repeating the experience. You can protect any number of separate areas. Although separated, these can be joined to the one Pingg-String Energizer.

One Pingg-String kit controls any number of dogs. It is safe for dogs and children.

Two dogs standing on hind legs looking over the fence. Fence is leaning outwards because the dogs are gradually damaging it.

Sureguard Pingg-String Dog electric Fence System: