Cattle Electric Fencing

Cattle Electric Fencing

Contain Your Cattle Reliably

Dairy cattle in paddock with electric fencing.

Compact, Low Maintenance Energizers

  • Use for strip grazing.
  • Use on permanent fencing to stop cattle damaging your existing fence.
  • Great for quick fences around feed, dams, creeks or other isolated areas.
  • Can be used with poly wire, poly tape, braid & galvanized wire.
  • Suitable for single wire & multi-wire fences.
  • All models surge protected.

Why Buy Sureguard?

All Sureguard Energizers are Australian made with attention to performance and reliability. Here are just some of the reasons to buy Sureguard.


Maybe you've bought Sureguard before and were impressed by the quality & durability of our products. It is not unusual to see Sureguard energizers working constantly 24 hours a day for well over 10 years without any issues. If you haven't tried our products before, why not try now?


Sureguard's energizers conform to our exacting specifications. We manufacture our own high-voltage transformers. This is the most important component of an electric fence energizer. This is a top quality component, vacuum impregnated and sealed in epoxy resin. Inferior wax dipped designs are found in cheaper products. Epoxy resins don't deteriorate like wax does in the hot Australian climate.

Cow in paddock with two electric fence wires.

Solar, A Better Choice

  • Sureguard's All Weather Solar is designed to provide constant power to your fence for extended periods, even during prolonged cloudy weather.
  • Ever had an electric fence energizer damaged from lightning? Solar powered energizers are far less susceptible to lightning damage.
  • Mains powered energizers can be damaged by a surge between your mains supply and your fence system. This is the most common reason for damage to mains operated energizers. Solar powered energizers simply cannot fail this way. Solar really is the better choice for many electric fencing jobs.

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