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Pingg-String Electronic Dog Fence (70m Starter Kit)
Starter Kit. Extend as required.
AU$ 288.00 288.0 AUD
(7 Ratings)
Wireless Dog Electric Fence - Solar Powered
An invisible barrier to stop your dogs disappearing!
AU$ 390.00 390.0 AUD
(279 Ratings)
Rechargeable Radio Collar for Wireless Dog Electric Fence
Add any number of dogs to the system.
AU$ 195.00 195.0 AUD
(72 Ratings)
Boundary Wire for Wireless Dog Electric Fence (100m)
Quality Australian Made Boundary Wire.
AU$ 39.00 39.0 AUD
(45 Ratings)
Snake Repellent Premium Solar with Multi-Pulse Vibration and Garden Light
Don't wait to see a snake! *Premium Quality and Features.
AU$ 49.00 49.0 AUD
(476 Ratings)
Snake Repellents for Sun and Shade - Battery Powered 4-Pack
Don't wait to see a snake! *Change batteries just once a year.
AU$ 69.00 69.0 AUD
(351 Ratings)