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Pingg-String Electronic Dog Fence (70m Starter Kit)
Starter Kit. Extend as required.
AU$ 288.00 288.0 AUD
(11 Ratings)
Pingg-String Fence-Top Barrier (15m Starter Kit)
Starter Kit. Extend as required.
AU$ 307.00 307.0 AUD
(7 Ratings)
Solar Electric Fence (Carton of 10)
Bulk Buy for large farms or share with friends & neighbours. Save!
AU$ 2,750.00  AU$ 2,490.00 2490.0 AUD
Ultrasonic Outdoor Bark Control (2-pack)
Buy 2 or more to control multiple dogs.
AU$ 78.00  AU$ 65.00 65.0 AUD
(10 Ratings)
Bird Deterrent Tape Tree Kit
Full coverage for one tree.
AU$ 55.00  AU$ 45.00 45.0 AUD
Bird Deterrent Tape Sampler Kit
A kit to cover varying situation.
AU$ 110.00  AU$ 89.00 89.0 AUD
Sureguard ssScat Mat - House Pack
House Pack protects up to 4 areas.
AU$ 184.00 184.0 AUD
(5 Ratings)