Wireless Dog Electric Fence - Solar Powered

Wireless Dog Electric Fence - Solar Powered

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An invisible barrier to stop your dogs disappearing!

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An Invisible Barrier to Stop Your Dogs Disappearing

Wireless Dog Electric Fence - Starter Kit

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  • Radio Collars are a popular system to keep dogs contained.
  • Many are impressed by how easily containment can be achieved.

Note: Wireless Dog Fence systems are sometimes called: invisible fence, hidden fence, underground fence, perimeter fence, in-ground fence & virtual fence. These systems are synonymous. Generally speaking, you cannot mix collars and boundary wire energiser between brands.

Prevent Your Dogs

  • Jumping, Climbing & Digging at fences.
  • Digging up your garden.
  • Escaping through an open driveway.
  • Running at speed to escape.

Wireless Fencing for Every Dog...

Sureguard has manufactured Wireless Dog Electric Fences in Australia since 1997. Sureguard pioneered using a digital transmission for its collars and solar power to run its boundary wire transmitter. We've utilised this advanced technology for over 20 years and we've continued to improve as electronics has advanced. Sureguard was granted two patents for innovative features you won't find elsewhere. All of this is to ensure your dogs are as safe as possible.

Do you have a small, medium or large size dog? No problem!  The Sureguard collar is small and lightweight covering neck sizes from 20cm to 62cm.

Do you have a stubborn dog or a sensitive dog or somewhere in between? No problem!  The Sureguard collar automatically adjusts the correction according to your dog's behaviour. You can also set the collar correction manually to one of 10 levels.

How does the Wireless Dog Fence work?

Install the boundary wire to create the no-go area. At a preset distance, the Radio Collar warns your dog to stop. If your dog ignores this opportunity to back away, then the collar emits a static correction. It is safe and humane because your dog is in control of the situation.

Is this like an electric fence? No, there is no electrified wire to touch.

Boundary Design

To create your no-go area, place the boundary wire along fences, around garden beds, across lawn areas, across open driveways and gates, etc. The boundary wire may be pegged to the ground, covered, buried or attached to a fence.
Example 1: Installation around the whole property.
Example 2: Doubled wire installation for just one side.

Installation Options
  • The maximum boundary wire length is 1600m.
  • The minimum containment area width is 10m.
  • Special twisted wires allow signal-free areas.
  • The No-go boundary area is adjustable from about 1m to 4m wide.

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Suits All Sizes & Behaviours

Sureguard's collar handles dog temperaments from sensitive to stubborn.

  • Neck sizes 20cm to 62cm.
  • Age, at least 6 months old.
  • Not for dangerous dogs.
Quick Results

Show your dog how to back away from the boundary. Follow our easy step-by-step training guide.

  • Day-1: 6 sessions X 5 min.
  • Day-2: 4 sessions X 5 min.

Read more about the training collar.

Training Collar

Whatever Design You Imagine

You don't need to be an electrician or technically minded to install the Wireless Dog Fence. Read about Boundary Design Examples.

Boundary Design

Fast Charging is Convenient to Use

Never used solar before? Don't worry! Your Boundary Wire Energiser charges very quickly. *In full sunlight about 60 minutes per day. In cloud, a few hours; that's all. Check our worldwide solar specification.

Solar Specification

What's in the box?

Your Wireless Dog Electric Fence is supplied as a starter kit. Customise your installation by added extra components.
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  • Advanced digital radio signal.
  • Sureguard collars adjust to each dog's behaviour.


Sureguard Collars

Boundary Wire

  • Design techniques.
  • Distance estimator.
  • FAQ.


Boundary Wire

Training Flags

  • How to use these flags.
  • How many do I need?


Training Flags


  • Make installation easier.


List Accessories

Maximum Distance Rating: 1600m (5100ft).

Weight: 0.7kg (25oz)

Dimensions: 195mm Wide. 100mm High. 220mm Deep. (4.95" x 3.95" x 8.65").

Battery Life: 5 to 8 years, under typical operating conditions. Battery Technology LiFePO4.

Running Time in Cloud: Continuous.  Click for more details: Solar Power.  (Not suited to persistently foggy properties or snow-covered panels.).

Compliant with Australian Standards: AS/NZS CISPR 14.1.2021

  • Not suitable for containment areas less than 10m wide OR long. (See this alternative: Pingg-String)
  • Dogs must be fit to teach. E.g. healthy and teachable.
  • Dogs must not have a hearing deficit. E.g. must be able to hear the collar's warning sound.
  • Puppies must already be lead trained.
  • Puppies must be at least 6 months old.
  • Suitable neck sizes: 20cm-62cm.
  • Wear time for all brands of collars is a maximum of 12 hours per day. For 24 hour containment choose this alternative: Pingg-String.
  • Not available for sale in S.A and A.C.T. (call Sureguard for assistance).
  • Not suitable for dangerous dogs.
  • Compliance Information for customers in Victoria.

Customer Reviews

This product has been the best I could hope for. Our dog was a stray who ended up at the pound because of his escaping ways. The fence at our property has so many holes in it that we couldn't keep him in for a minute before he was back out again. This system was relatively easy to install and has stopped our dog from escaping since day one. One very happy customer!


I can't believe how well the fencing has worked. I now leave our two 9 mth old cavaliers to run free on our acreage. Even when turkeys and other wildlife make an appearance they will not chase them across the boundary. Installation was easy and the cost was very reasonable. I have been raving about the collars to anyone who will listen. I'd also like to thank you for your quick delivery and prompt response to my calls.

Glenys Shorter

We can't thank you enough for your wonderful worry-free dog radio collar system!!  Our german shepherd could teach houdini a thing or two about the art of escaping; nothing worked until we enstalled your radio collar system. We thoroughly recommend it to anyone who has a troublesome dog as it really works. Well done Sureguard.

  • All Reviews

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    Sandy Law
    Rating: 5/5
    Outstanding service
    I first purchased a dog electric containment fence from Sureguard about 13 years ago. Since then, I’ve had contact with Brad several times for different purchases and most recently some advice about setting up the fence in a new location. In every instance, the service and advice I have received have been outstanding. Response time to emails is speedy and always friendly. You won’t go wrong with this system and this company. In addition, I was impressed to find that new collars work on the old (13 year old) system meaning I didn’t need to shell out for a whole new system.
    Kathleen Baker
    Rating: 5/5
    Excellent solution for determined doggies
    After some adjustments and a better understanding of our doggy's habits, we now have the perfect balance of distance and zap. We have a Red heeler who is very head strong, but the Sureguard system caters for all levels of challenging behaviour. He understands the flags and what they mean, even when the collar is off! Best investment for the safety of our beloved puppy and also for anyone passing by, especially the postman!
    Lisa Simpson
    Rating: 5/5
    works well
    really happy with the result. Didnt think it would stop our very wilfil and energetic dog, but he has not escaped once in the three weeks we've set it up. Only downside was that we have only used on one boundary and made the rookie mistake of not ordering enough wire as the length is essentially doubled. Had to install a bit of temporary fencing to close the gap.
    Marilyn Bugeja
    Rating: 5/5
    Fantastic! Reall y Works.
    I would recommend this product to anybody.
    Lee Wise
    Rating: 4/5
    Overall Satisfaction
    We purchased our Sureguard Wireless God Electric Fence system with an extra collar about a year ago. Our pasture is fence with barbed wire along with electric fencing between the lower strands of barbed wire. Our original Livestock Guardian Dog, Snow, would not stay withing the the pasture boundaries leaving the sheep unprotected. His motivation, intelligence and grit pushed him to defeat the Sureguard system as well. Ultimately Snow was re-homed and we brought in a pair of Anatolian Shepherds that have successfully been contained with the Sureguard system. They are happy and content to stay within the pasture fencing. Overall we are satisfied with the product. We have another Anatolian that resides outside of the pasture and this video shows the daily posturing they display across the fence. The evidence of how well your system works is shown by the distance maintained from the fence even with the outside temptation. https://rumble.com/v4nkf0k-anatolian-boundary-battle.html [EDITOR: Thanks for sharing your Sureguard experience. It's great to hear it successfully contained your Anatolian Shepherds. Your story provides useful insight for potential users. Appreciate your feedback! ]
    Fay Lyons
    Rating: 5/5
    Absolutely Awesome
    We Love this product, our rental property fence was held together by 2 wires and we put this up and our dog never got out.
    Fay Lyons
    Rating: 5/5
    Solar invisible fence
    A1..... Im so impressed. Took 2 escape attempts and hasnt attempted since.
    B Houghton
    Rating: 4/5
    Finally ….. something that works
    This product definitely works, and I’ve tried many things. Recently bought this for one of our dogs, malinois (Belgian shepherd) who kept jumping/climbing fence, escaping at every opportunity. Fairly easy to set up on 1/2 acre, did need extra wire to enclose back yard, definitely deters dog from fence line, but he’s smart so every morning he walks the surround to check if the thing works. I like that we can still walk through gate and no other animals can get zapped. Only problem I find is the collar does tend to move, even on tight, but he is very active, so expected. [Editor: Sorry about the collar slippage. We had to substitute a Petsafe style fabric on the longer collars because of supply issues of our usual design. Our smaller collars (40cm) are fine. The larger collars should be back in stock late August 2021]. Otherwise highly recommend for escapee dogs
    Cleo Shaw
    Rating: 5/5
    Fantastic All Round
    Easy to Install, works immediately, dogs learnt within an hour where they could and couldn't go. 100% recommend.
    Gavin Petersen
    Rating: 4/5
    Sureguard solar dog fence
    This item is exactly what was needed to help our dog now where his boundaries are
    Rating: 4/5
    My solar dog fence collar
    After mini training our 12month old Jack Russell new to the rural property where we live has only escaped once during early set up he ran at the boundary wire surrounding the property house yard when he spotted the neighbours dog who is his mate...since a couple of attempts and came back once near ( 2mts )away after slight adjustments with distance v boundry and strength adjustments he has not left area x fingers it lasts however seems to be working Fine
    Jane Brown
    Rating: 5/5
    great investment
    Setup was easy. Pretty much instant effect with no trauma. We did the training and its worked so well. Only ever ran it on automatic & minimum the dog has responded very well. We are all happy. Shall leave the collar for a little longer than remove it
    Gavin Townsend
    Rating: 4/5
    Large acreage (1km boundary wire)
    We have a 12 acre bush block, with a 1km unfenced boundary and a very active Kelpie. For the most part, the system has improved our ability to keep our dog on the property. Setting up a 1km boundary was a bit daunting, but there is a buying guide (found via mobile site, not so easy on main webpage), which walks you through a series of questions (such as how long is your unfenced boundary), and provides a shopping list of all the wire, connectors, flags etc. Worked out perfectly. Laying the line was challenging as in many areas we have thick bracken, sticks and bush debris. Putting in effort up front with hand clearing and a good run through back to bare dirt with a brush cutter made a big difference. In some areas we have mowed lawn and was good to lay in winter as I could bury the wire just by repeatedly slicing into the soft/wet soil with a shovel and using a stick to poke the wire in. No need to dig a trench as such. The wire itself is pretty thin, has a rigid insulation and does not feal all that strong. We've had maybe 5 breaks in 4 weeks due to local widlife. Mind you, not much will stop a large kangaroo! Repairing is generally easy to complete, with an audible alarm from the unit and a quick rejoining of the wire. Once the wire "stretched" which made it hard to find. I think the recommendation is to replace entire sections after a break, but it's a bit unfeasible. Better to bury/cover as much as possible i think. I must also say, correction does not work 100% of the time. We went through all of the training and correct fitmen, calibration etc. Our dog is defenitely wary of the line. But between the outages (due to breaks) and the occasional headstrong charge, she has got across without being corrected. Sometimes the device doesn't even look like it's registered that it's crossed the boundary - single green flash, not a double green (corrected) or blue (triggered, but didn't correct). Not sure if it's a speed thing (dog running/jumping), or just the nature of the radio signal technology. Generally, we're happy. Our dog rarely get's out now and is clearly more respectful of the boundary.
    Leonie Heslop
    Rating: 5/5
    Sureguard collar
    I am very happy with how this collar is working. My dog has learnt to keep away from the wire very quickly . The delivery was quick and problem free. The instructions enclosed in the packaging ideal. Overall I am very happy with Sureway and would highly recommend this product. Leonie
    Shane Hall
    Rating: 5/5
    boundary fence
    Great service, fast delivery, and works fantastic. Keep my dog inside my 5 Acer block. .I would definitely recommend this product for people keeping their dog in the yard.
    Richard Willis
    Rating: 4/5
    underground fence
    I have not yet installed the underground fence due to heavy snowfall and frozen ground. I look forward to using it when spring arrives. From the reviews I have read and the unit itself, I believe it will perform satisfactorily
    John Lofthouse
    Rating: 5/5
    Another great product
    I had(still have a much older version of this. This one is far more user friendly and does the job excellently. I particularly like the 'Blue' light on the collar which tells you of unsuccessful 'zappings'!
    Rating: 5/5
    early days but looking good
    The dogs have learnt pretty quickly and our confidence in their security is growing. System seems better than the previous electric boundary systems we have used.
    Rating: 5/5
    No More Breakouts
    Delivery was quick and set up was easy, even for a non technical person. Great product, works effectively on both my Jack Russell's. We did the training for a couple of hours and then put in active mode and I haven't looked back. I had tried everything to keep our dogs in but everyday they would find a new escape path. Well worth the price, Sureguard has given me peace of mind, that I know my dogs will be safe and sound while I am not around.
    Scott Sattler
    Rating: 5/5
    Easy to install, great assistance from head office and after 2 days it stopped our Staffy from ever leaving the yard again.
    Carmel Goldsmith
    Rating: 5/5
    Better Box
    I had the old model and decided to upgrade after we lost the dog collar. Great new water resistant box but works as well as always. Thanks
    John Rumsey
    Rating: 5/5
    Wireless Fence
    We have had the fence installed now for around 3 months and our dog hasn't escaped once. In fact he won't even go near the fence even with us, unless he is on his lead. It has been 100% successful.
    Rating: 5/5
    Dog e fence
    At first I was skeptical spending so much on a kit, but I'm glad I did because it works brilliantly! It took 1 day for my dogs to realise where their no go zones were. There is a bit of work burying the yellow cable around the yard, but its worth it.[EDITOR: Great news ! : The yellow boundary cable can be attached to existing fence optimally from ground level to say 30 cm off the ground or buried if required]
    Derek Anderton
    Rating: 4/5
    It Works
    I have 500 metres of boundary wire around 3 acres. Thanks to the indicating lights on the solar unit I was able to repair a non-conducting connection. Now it's up and running and our border collie is very respectful of the distance he keeps from the fence.
    Michael May
    Rating: 5/5
    It works better than expected ,and just...
    It works better than expected ,and just a great product.

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