Solar Snake Repellent with LED Garden Light and Multi-Pulse

Snake Repellents Premium Solar with Multi-Pulse Vibration and Garden Light 4-PACK

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Don't wait to see a snake! *Premium Quality and Features.

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Don't wait to see a snake!®

Use Snake Repellents to create an avoidance zone

Sureguard Snake Repellents have been developed as a deterrent to many kinds of snakes. They emit a pulsing vibration into the surrounding soil. When the snake perceives the vibration as a source of danger most snakes will choose to avoid confrontation. (Similar principle to bushwalkers walking noisily to scare snakes away.)

Snake Facts:

  • Scientists have evidence that snakes can detect the direction of vibration!
  • Vibrations as small as one billionth of a meter can be sensed by some snakes!
  • Snakes hardly hear airborne sounds but are sensitive to vibration.
  • Most snakes choose to avoid danger.

Snake Repellents:

  • Vibrate to signal danger.
  • Vibrate within the snake's pitch range.

Do Snake Repellents Really Deter Snakes?

Our customers say they work very well. We encourage you to read the many hundreds of customer reviews for this repellent at the bottom of this page.

Sureguard are so confident about the performance of our products, we have a special Guarantee (see menu top of page). You may install and try the product. If you are not completely satisfied with the results we'll happily refund your money!

Note: Snakes that are disturbed and subsequently moving with a fight-or-flight response may not necessarily respond to the repellent's action.

Advanced New Features

  • Long-Life Super-Capacitor: Backup power for nights and cloudy weather. Up to 3 weeks of backup power. No batteries required!
  • Improved Vibration: 150% more powerful than many other brands. 55% more powerful than our previous premium model.
  • 100 Second Multi-Pulse Vibration: Uses a changing pulse pattern that repeats on a 100 second cycle. This is designed to reduce potential desensitisation in snakes.
  • Welded Case:  Now has an Ingress Protection Rating of IP65 which is widely accepted as "waterproof".

Other Built-in Features

  • "Case Glow" LED garden night light.
  • ON/OFF Switch.
  • Up to about 30m coverage.
For shady areas, please consider this model:

Battery Operated Snake Deterrents for Sun or Shade

Battery Snake Repellent

There are several factors to consider:

To protect one spot, one snake repellent may be sufficient.

To protect the area immediately around your house, one repellent at each corner could be enough to provide overlapping vibration between adjacent repellents. The best coverage is when the snake repellents are away from the walls, say 5m.

Protecting the whole property is also practical by forming a barrier around your fence line. The repellents are placed no more than 25m apart.

If you have snakes coming from a certain direction, for example, neighbouring grassland, you could simply place the snake repellents along that boundary. The repellent action will transmit under most fences so in this way you keep the snakes off your property at a distance.

Some situations may require more repellents.

Soil types: The 25m apart is a maximum range for most soils, but for sandy soil or soil with a lot of fine stones, you should reduce this to 10m apart.

Hard objects: If you have pathways, you'll need a repellent on both sides because the vibration doesn't pass through hard objects in the ground. This applies to concrete, bitumen, gravel, pavers, etc.

Shallow topsoil: If your topsoil is shallow then reduce the separation between repellents.

Multi-level ground: You'll need snake repellents on both levels where the ground is terraced because the vibration won't travel between levels.

Soil cracks: If the soil is dry and cracked you'll need repellents on both sides because the vibration doesn't cross the gap.

Do Sureguard Snake Repellents repel lizards, eg. Blue Tongues, etc.?
No, they are designed for snakes and there is no evidence of lizards being affected.

Do Sureguard Snake Repellents repel frogs, toads, birds, pets, etc.?

No, they are only designed for snakes.

Can snakes be caught inside the protective boundary?

It is possible. If you already have snakes living in your garden, you should consider having them professionally removed before installing the repellents. (Try searching for: snake catcher, snake removal or snake handler). Another strategy is to install the repellent centrally, say around the house area, then week by week move them further away until you have them all moved to your property boundary.

Can snakes get used to the vibration so it becomes less effective?

Repeated exposure to the vibration could lessen the deterrent. In psychology, this is called desensitisation. In practice, this is rare because the snake moves out of the area. However, take care not to inadvertently trap the snake in the protected area. For example, one Sureguard customer had a snake under the slab of her house. She placed the repellent at the entrance of the hole to repel the snake. The snake did not come out for weeks, obviously feeling trapped, but eventually overcome its fear and went past the repellent. The correct installation would be to wait for the snake to exit the hole and later place the repellent there before the snake returned.

Do the repellents work on all snakes?

Sureguard Snake Repellents work on most snakes moving along the ground. A python moving off a tree onto your aviary won’t be deterred. Similarly, tree snakes won’t be affected. Juvenile snakes may respond poorly. Sureguard does not recommend using repellents against the species Acanthophis antarcticus (Common Death Adder). Unlike other snakes that tend to move away from human activity, the Death Adder's method of hunting by ambush means it tends to stay hidden. (Reference: Wikipedia - Acanthophis).

I saw a snake moving off in the direction of a repellent, why?

To explain this behaviour you need to understand the psychology of how the product works and a concept in psychology called the “fight or flight response” (see Wikipedia). When a snake is casually moving through the environment and starts to detect the vibration, it chooses not to go there. Perhaps it is dangerous, the snake does not know. Is there an urgency in the snake’s mind? Not necessarily. If the snake is casually moving toward the protected area the snake may simply change direction without you ever knowing it was around. However, when you saw the snake moving quickly it had likely already detected you and chose to quickly move away. This is a natural “flight response”. Did it also detect the repellent? Not necessarily so; the repellents emit a pulsed vibration every 30 to 60 seconds. Between the pulses, there is nothing to sense. This would explain the snake’s poor choice of direction.

I found a snake sunning itself on some garden steps. Why wasn’t it repelled?

Carefully analyse how the snake may have travelled to that point. Remember, the repellents won’t affect a snake moving on some hard surfaces, e.g. concrete, pavers, bitumen, etc. For example, Sureguard had a customer call our technical department for assistance. Repellents had been installed around the whole back yard but a snake later found its way to the back door. When we analysed the installation we found a 2m section of concrete pathway unprotected on the property boundary because it was not considered worthwhile placing a repellent on this narrow strip. It was effectively a hole in the boundary which the snake happened to come through then travel on the concrete to the back door. A repellent had been used on one side of the concrete pathway but the protection didn’t extend across to the other side. The solution was to place the repellent on the other side of the pathway. This solution worked.

I have a snake on my roof, can I place the repellent there?
Sureguard Snake Repellents have only been designed to repel snakes on the ground. Do not hang them on the roof or gutter, or on trees or other structures.

Customer Reviews

I am a repeat customer. Haven't seen a snake since I put in my new solar powered snake repellers. Always happy with the product and the service. The initial service and following after sales service, not to mention the quality of the repellers, stops me from buying cheaper versions from overseas.

Lynn Maney

Very happy with our snake repellers. We had approx 12 snakes in as many days and have not seen one since installing the repellers!

  • All Reviews

    25 / 433
    Graham Tierney
    Rating: 5/5
    Keeps Duck's off deck.
    We had some old snake repeller units in the shed and discovered that they keep ducks away from our decks and paths, so we purchased the premium 4 pack to provide a more permanent solution. The new model is much smaller, which makes placement easier and the night light provides a nice soft orange glow in the garden. 2 month's in and havent had to clean up any mess from the ducks, in fact they now stay 10-20m away from the house. [EDITOR: fascinating story. Thanks for sharing it].
    Rosalie Collie
    Rating: 1/5
    success uncertain
    I installed four snake repellants in my backyard according to the instructions and was visited about a week later by an enormous tiger snake. I am waiting until the end of March to decide if they are actually working. In the meantime I am being extra vigilant about letting my dogs outside. [EDITOR: Our tech-support will contact you assist further.]
    Rating: 5/5
    Solar snake repellent
    Living off grid is connected with seeing snakes so i decided to buy this product installation is simple and thus far effective have not seen any snakes around !
    Rating: 5/5
    Solar Snake Repellent
    Prompt delivery. Easy instructions to install. Very happy with product.
    Sharon Reynolds
    Rating: 5/5
    solar snake repellent
    have used this and others for years now and they do work love sureguard repellers
    Barbara Wilcock
    Rating: 5/5
    Great product.
    Had snakes in the garden and one snake skin so decided to buy the repellents. Have been in the ground a few weeks now and glad to say not a snake in sight. Great product so far.
    Elaine brinsley
    Rating: 5/5
    Snake repellent’s
    I am very happy with the sureguard snake repellent s good quality and information on installing them.
    Robert Beattie
    Rating: 5/5
    Great product
    Not sure how effective they are ,BUT no snakes in our yar last summer except for a carpet python in a tree. They must be attractive because some one stole one.
    Cheryl Wilson
    Rating: 5/5
    Solar Snake Repellent with LED Garden Light
    This is the second year that I’ve ordered this product as I couldn’t find any fault. I was also impressed with the garden lighting and our visitors have also commented on the lights at night.
    Elle Caton
    Rating: 1/5
    They don’t work
    Saw a snake slither past one a week later. Disappointing
    Rating: 5/5
    Sureguard Snake Deterrent
    I had 3 snakes around the house in one day, one 2 metres from the front door, one out the back by the washing line and one in the veggie garden next to the house. These were Tiger snakes, I wouldn't hang the washing, go out the front without stamping my feet, I was petrified. My little dog ran out the front door and straight way grabbed the snake and shook it I was screaming for her to let it go, I was sure she would get bitten, but she didn't. Took her to the vet and gave her the antivenom incase she was grazed by the snake. We bought 8 Sureguard Snake deterrents and the summer just gone we have not seen one snake, lucky or do they work.....I think they work. We live on 40 acres in Tasmania. Highly recommend this product.
    James Edmondson
    Rating: 5/5
    100% They Work
    I live in a very snake infested area between a billabong and a river, with lots of frogs for the snakes. Every spring and summer I see our Red Belly Blacks, and their offspring, around the house and sheds, don’t mind them too much, but my dogs are too curious, and my wife freaks out. It’s the Tigers and especially those crazy Browns that cause the most trouble. Sightings were daily in the snake season. After having spotted at least 5 different snakes, several times each, I installed, in early December, some Sureguard battery operated snake guards around the shed. Have not seen a snake since at the sheds. After installing these at the shed snake traffic increased at the house, which is 150m away, so in early January installed some second generation solar powered Sureguard snake repellers at the house. It’s now March and the snakes are happy at the river and the billabong but don’t travel through the house yard or linger around my sheds. Not one sighting in 60+ days which is remarkable. I paid special attention to the installation instructions, making a hole with a 50mm drill auger, soaking the hole and dirt, installing the repellers, backfilling and compacting firmly. The second generation solar powered units look great and are easily spotted when mowing, they also give of a warm orange glow at night, which is cool if placed along paths. I believe they work. Thank you Sureguard! No more trips to the VET for a snake bite test and $600 hole in my wallet.
    Rating: 5/5
    Great find
    Snake repellent are quick and easy to install. Haven’t seen a snake since
    Bronwyn Jobson
    Rating: 5/5
    Snakes 🐍 no more so far
    I had a couple of snakes near my back door scared the hell out of me I put the solar guard repel in ground so far so good haven’t had any in yard it has been about a month now
    Paul Webb
    Rating: 5/5
    Well done
    The new solar ones are a great upgrade and are working perfectly, will be ordering more soon.
    charles mammone
    Rating: 4/5
    seen no snakes so far
    Rating: 5/5
    peace of mind
    I have been using Sureguard snake repellents for about 7 yrs now. I see the occasional snake but not as many as some of my neighbours. I thoroughly recommend theses products. It gives peace of mind. This will be my first attempt with the Solar model.
    Michael Grand
    Rating: 5/5
    Proper frequency for snakes
    I am in the united states, and I was researching repellants and everything was listed for moles and snakes and operated at frequency of 200hz. I then researched the sensitivity of snakes and found they are most sensitive to frequencies around 74hz. When I say this product I was skeptical but the reviews were outstanding to I wrote them and inquired about the frequency. They sent me a graph of the performance and it peaked between 74-75hz. I have been using these for 3 years now and so far they seem to be working. Before we had occasional copper heads, but now I only find very small non-poisonous worm snakes within the vicinity of the repellants.
    Janette Roberts
    Rating: 5/5
    Snake Repellent
    Early days but no snakes in site. Kids love to check it out, make sure it's still working
    Glenn Woodward
    Rating: 5/5
    I’ve not seen a single “attack sausage” since!
    after seeing two snakes knocking about the place in only three days, the devices arrived quickly and were promptly shoved into the ground in a pattern that the Air Force would find impenetrable. Switched on the following day, after the charge up phase, and I’ve not seen a single “attack sausage” since! Brilliant.. might need to buy more when I expand out the protection circumference away from the house and out wider onto the property.
    George Hughes
    Rating: 5/5
    Works well
    Great product and easy to install. Works well as Selena red bellies black snake beside the house, but haven’t seen any snakes since installed.
    Di Blessing
    Rating: 4/5
    So far so good
    We had spied a red belly black around our garden a few times, but when he decided to join us on our deck for happy hour it was the last straw. Installed four around the house perimeter and so far (only about 4 weeks) we haven’t seen him again. They are a little loud, but we are getting used to it and small price to pay if they will keep the snakes away.
    Kaye Reeves
    Rating: 5/5
    No Snakes - Yippee
    I ordered the Repellers in desperation after seeing two brown snakes near my back door within a week.. With a kennel of show dogs it was important that I get protection fast. Delivery took a bit longer than I would have liked, and the order arrived without one of the components ordered, however I have not seen a snake since. and that's the most important aspect for the safety of my dogs.. Thank you..
    Peter Weir
    Rating: 5/5
    snakes no more !!!!!!!
    we live on a small acreage and have some cattle and chooks. with chooks come eggs and with eggs come some snakes. i heard about suregaurd snake deterent and was a bit sceptical about it. I purchased the product and bingo---- extra eggs and no snakes. i have since purchased another three to put around the house. great product.
    David Tywoniuk
    Rating: 5/5
    Snakes repellents
    Very good product

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