Battery Operated Snake Deterrents with 12 Months Battery Life

Snake Repellents for Sun and Shade - Battery Powered 4-PACK

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Don't wait to see a snake! *Change batteries just once a year.

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Don't wait to see a snake!®

Use Snake Deterrents to create an avoidance zone

Sureguard Snake Deterrents have been developed to repel many kinds of snakes. They emit a pulsing vibration into the surrounding soil. When the snake perceives the vibration as a source of danger most snakes will choose to avoid confrontation. (Similar principle to bushwalkers walking noisily to scare snakes away.)

Snake Facts:

  • Scientists have evidence that snakes can detect the direction of vibration!
  • Vibrations as small as one billionth of a meter can be sensed by some snakes!
  • Snakes hardly hear airborne sounds but are sensitive to vibration.
  • Most snakes choose to avoid danger.

Snake Deterrents:

  • Vibrate to signal danger.
  • Vibrate within the snake's pitch range.

Do Snake Deterrents Really Repel Snakes?

Our customers say they work very well. We encourage you to read the many hundreds of customer reviews at the bottom of this page, both good & bad!

Sureguard are so confident about the performance of our products, we have a special Guarantee (see menu top of page). You may install and try the product. If you are not completely satisfied with the results we'll happily refund your money!

Note: If snakes are disturbed and subsequently moving with a fight-or-flight response, the snake may ignore the repellent action.

Product Features

  • Up to 12 Months operating time from a pair of alkaline batteries.
    (batteries not included)
  • Low running cost (as low as 6c per week).
  • Works in sun or shade.
  • Works in cloudy weather.
  • Fully rainproof construction.
  • 30m coverage, space at 25m intervals.

Solar Powered Snake Repellent with Multi-Pulse Feature is also available.

Solar Snake Repellent

There are several factors to consider:

To protect one spot, one snake repellent may be sufficient.

To protect the area immediately around your house, one repellent at each corner could be enough to provide overlapping vibration between adjacent repellents. The best coverage is when the snake repellents are away from the walls, say 5m.

Protecting the whole property is also practical by forming a barrier around your fence-line. The repellents are placed no more than 25m apart.

If you have snakes coming from a certain direction, for example, neighbouring grassland, you could simply place the snake repellents along that boundary. The repellent action will transmit under most fences so in this way you keep the snakes off your property at a distance.

Some situations may require more repellents.

Soil types: The 25m apart is a maximum range for most soils, but for sandy soil or soil with a lot of fine stones, you should reduce this to 10m apart.

Hard objects: If you have pathways, you'll need a repellent on both sides because the vibration doesn't pass through hard objects in the ground. This applies to concrete, bitumen, gravel, pavers, etc.

Shallow topsoil: If your topsoil is shallow then reduce the separation between repellents.

Multi-level ground: You'll need snake repellents on both levels where the ground is terraced because the vibration won't travel between levels.

Soil cracks: If the soil is dry and cracked you'll need repellents on both sides because the vibration doesn't cross the gap.

Do Sureguard Snake Repellents repel lizards, eg. Blue Tongues, etc.?
No, they are designed for snakes and there is no evidence of lizards being affected.

Do Sureguard Snake Repellents repel frogs, toads, birds, pets, etc.?

No, they are only designed for snakes.

Can snakes be caught inside the protective boundary?

It is possible. If you already have snakes living in your garden, you should consider having them professionally removed before installing the repellents. (Try searching for: snake catcher, snake removal or snake handler). Another strategy is to install the repellent centrally, say around the house area, then week by week move them further away until you have them all moved to your property boundary.

Can snakes get used to the vibration so it becomes less effective?

Repeated exposure to the vibration could lessen the deterrent. In psychology, this is called desensitisation. In practice, this is rare because the snake moves out of the area. However, take care not to inadvertently trap the snake in the protected area. For example, one Sureguard customer had a snake under the slab of her house. She placed the repellent at the entrance of the hole to repel the snake. The snake did not come out for weeks, obviously feeling trapped, but eventually overcome its fear and went past the repellent. The correct installation would be to wait for the snake to exit the hole and later place the repellent there before the snake returned.

Do the repellents work on all snakes?

Sureguard Snake Repellents work on most snakes moving along the ground. A python moving off a tree onto your aviary won’t be deterred. Similarly, tree snakes won’t be affected. Juvenile snakes may respond poorly. Sureguard does not recommend using repellents against the species Acanthophis antarcticus (Common Death Adder). Unlike other snakes that tend to move away from human activity, the Death Adder's method of hunting by ambush means it tends to stay hidden. (Reference: Wikipedia - Acanthophis).

I saw a snake moving off in the direction of a repellent, why?

To explain this behaviour you need to understand the psychology of how the product works and a concept in psychology called the “fight or flight response” (see Wikipedia). When a snake is casually moving through the environment and starts to detect the vibration, it chooses not to go there. Perhaps it is dangerous, the snake does not know. Is there an urgency in the snake’s mind? Not necessarily. If the snake is casually moving toward the protected area the snake may simply change direction without you ever knowing it was around. However, when you saw the snake moving quickly it had likely already detected you and chose to quickly move away. This is a natural “flight response”. Did it also detect the repellent? Not necessarily so; the repellents emit a pulsed vibration every 30 to 60 seconds. Between the pulses, there is nothing to sense. This would explain the snake’s poor choice of direction.

I found a snake sunning itself on some garden steps. Why wasn’t it repelled?

Carefully analyse how the snake may have travelled to that point. Remember, the repellents won’t affect a snake moving on some hard surfaces, e.g. concrete, pavers, bitumen, etc. For example, Sureguard had a customer call our technical department for assistance. Repellents had been installed around the whole back yard but a snake later found its way to the back door. When we analysed the installation we found a 2m section of concrete pathway unprotected on the property boundary because it was not considered worthwhile placing a repellent on this narrow strip. It was effectively a hole in the boundary which the snake happened to come through then travel on the concrete to the back door. A repellent had been used on one side of the concrete pathway but the protection didn’t extend across to the other side. The solution was to place the repellent on the other side of the pathway. This solution worked.

I have a snake on my roof, can I place the repellent there?
Sureguard Snake Repellents have only been designed to repel snakes on the ground. Do not hang them on the roof or gutter, or on trees or other structures.

Customer Reviews

I have used solar snake repellers for the last few years. These are the best that I have purchased .

 Gemma Burford-Crewe

I have had the solar ones for 18 months and so far we have had no snakes, we have now purchased the 4 pack of battery ones and now can place in less lit areas with the same results. Great work!!

  • All Reviews

    25 / 331
    Chris Fowler
    Rating: 5/5
    Good value product
    After many years experience with snake stoppers I have settled on this one. Be aware though that some batteries will leak moisture which damages the electronics. Check them regularly and do not hesitate to change to another battery product. Aldi batteries are particularly bad at this. Also check the devices regularly and take a battery tester with you. I have a ring of them around a 2H house block and never see a snake around the house area unless a device is not working for any reason. Otherwise this is a good, reliable product.
    philip hope
    Rating: 5/5
    Snake repelant
    We have them positioned around the house area to protect the grandkids. They are doing their job.
    Kaushal Kapadia
    Rating: 5/5
    Excellent little device
    We had a problem of black kraits in the entire region. My property is on a farmland outside of Mumbai, india. They are visible regularly in the area while working on the farm or sometimes in the house. That’s when I decided to get Sureguatd.. At first I was not very sure how this would work. But now it’s been almost 9 months I bought my first set and I have never seen any snake again. It surely works and is effective. I just bought some more to cover a bigger area.
    Chris Fowler
    Rating: 5/5
    Battery operated repellers
    I have been using these repellers for a number of years and whilst allowing for UV, wild weather and rampant kangaroos I have found them to be very reliable and effective. I have not seen or found a snake in the 2 h house block at any time over the past years. The devices are checked fortnightly to maintain good condition and full batteries. A small price to pay for peace of mind over snake bites.
    leslie wand
    Rating: 4/5
    seems to work...
    really heard to tell since we don't know our local snakes that well😳 however, since installing we haven't had any visitors, and just having it in the ground does give some comfort☺️
    Rating: 5/5
    Snake repellers
    These actually work well but read the instructions . Better then solar which just leak water. [Editor: Thanks for the review. Some snake repellents on the markets are not waterproof but the Sureguard solar ones are, with an IP rating of IP65 which is widely accepted as "waterproof".]
    Stephen Halliday
    Rating: 4/5
    Doing the job
    We used to see at least 5 tiger snakes around the house each year but didn't see any last year after installing the sureguards.
    Kathy Sharrock
    Rating: 3/5
    Snake repeller
    Bought this on line as Bunnings had none in any stores in the Illawarra, Nowra or Sydney. Easy web site to use . Great service, product arrived quickly.
    Horace French
    Rating: 5/5
    Great Success
    I have used Sureguard Snake Repellers since 2010. I have used them where my home backed up to a lake, an open field and a home deep in a wooded area. To date, I have had one Black Snake - harmless and helps repel the bad guys, and one juvenile that was of unknown variety. That is the the total sum of encounters and we do live where Copperheads, Rattlers and Moccasins are prevalent. Obviously, we are very pleased with Sureguard products and service!
    Horace French
    Rating: 5/5
    Have Sureguard for Years!
    We began using Sureguard Snake repellers around 2014. We have use both solar and battery powered and have been very pleased. WE have two homes that are both in wooded areas and also with large grassy areas. Prior to using the repellers we would see snakes in our yard and we had snakes under our exterior door sill twice. Since we have been using the product we have had only one juvenile snake near our house since 2014. Obviously, we are very pleased with the results.
    Chris Fowler
    Rating: 5/5
    Snake repellers battery model
    Check them regularly to ensure that the batteries are still working. They are very reliable if you can keep the mower and kangaroos away from them. I have seen the effect on snakes when the unit 'goes off' . They do not like it at all.!
    Brenton Whittenbury
    Rating: 4/5
    Who Knows
    Who knows if they work or not, but they give you piece of mind and we've only seen one snake since using them.
    Keith Casey
    Rating: 5/5
    Snake repellers
    Have found them to be an excellent product value for money
    Graham Baker
    Rating: 5/5
    Worked within hours
    Within 3-4 hours of installing these items a large deadly brown snake that has been living around my shed over recent years was seen leaving the area and so far doesn’t seemed to have returned. I’m putting these snake repellents in my orchards and vegetable garden as I see snakes every year in those areas
    Terry Dewley
    Rating: 4/5
    Snakes Ottahere
    We purchased the battery powered snake repellent devices a few months ago. We live in ten acres of tropical bushland and since the purchase we haven't seen a snake. A similar device for cane toads would be great.
    Paul Webb
    Rating: 5/5
    Great product and fantastic after sales service.
    It is great that a company are there to help you after the purchase. All working well.
    James Wallace Grace,
    Rating: 5/5
    No more snakes
    One of our small dogs was bitten by a rattlesnake last year and almost died. After spending $10000 he finally got better. I bought 8 of the Sureguard Snake Repellents and put them all the way around our house. It's been 18 months since our dog was bitten and we have not seen any more snakes.
    Nicholas Aalders
    Rating: 5/5
    Great product
    Since putting both the solar and battery powered snake repellents around the property we have not seen a snake anywhere. We used to see Eastern Browns here every couple of weeks so glad these repellers are working.
    Sandra Jarzabek
    Rating: 5/5
    Snake deterrent
    My Snake deterrents were due for renewal. Had been putting off, until a four foot brown snake crossed my path. Time to replace. Placed order and received within a week.
    Dawn Francis
    Rating: 4/5
    These seem to work. Many snakes before , none since installing
    Jacob Mitchell
    Rating: 5/5
    Snake Repellents for Sun and Shade - Battery Powered 4-Pack
    So far, so good...installed all the snake repellents within the recommended instructions. Will be able to gauge its full effectiveness come the Spring/Summer seasons.
    Rachelle Benussij
    Rating: 5/5
    Snake repellent
    I have used these for a couple of years & I use them in various locations around my aviary. 2 of them are not in the ground but laying on top of the aviary and on the rock wall beside the aviary. I was initially told they don’t work but thought I would try them anyway. They work a treat. Highly recommend.
    Chris Fowler
    Rating: 5/5
    Battery Snake repellers
    I have been using Sureguard snake repellers for many years. The battery operated ones are by far the best. but you do need to check and service them regularly and change the batteries before they run out of 'juice'. I only see a snake in the property 2H area around the house and sheds, when one stops working and I have failed to check them. i also use Aldi batteries which last much longer than any others.
    Chris Fowler
    Rating: 5/5
    Battery Snake Repellers
    Always good service from the company. These devices do work on snakes despite all the hype on social media. It is neccessary to check regularly that they are working and that the batteries have not gone flat. Otherwise an excellent product.
    Susan Pearson
    Rating: 5/5
    For the sceptics re: Snake Repellents
    I bought my first set 4 years ago when i got a puppy and was worried as we have alot of snake where i live. I spoke to the company and was told a very honest and accurate description of the product. I decided to go ahead with the purchase and secured a large circle around my house. Once in 2 years snake free. I went away and my neighbour decided to borrow 4 of my units. The following spring i had a snake. I believe this snake came in once the protection was broken by the removal and then took residence for winter under my house. The snake was dealt with and the secure area once again in place. 4 years later i have just replaced of the units this was due to the fact that i had a snake. Upon inspection after the snake had been disposed off - two units were no longer working. This to me proves the validity of this product. Whenever the product is removed or no longer working... snakes ... when all working and in place... no snakes. I was somewhat sceptical at the start but felt i would give them a try. I wouldn't be without them now. Mine last 4 years and i have replaced some that were still working but i just thought best to do the lot. The investment to me is well worthwhile for the peace of mind.

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