Pingg-String Extension Kit (15m)

Pingg-String Extension Kit (15m)

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Separates the four Pingg-String wires 5cm apart.

Average Rating: 4.9

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Instant Solution Cat & Possum Barrier

15m of Pingg-String Fence-Top Barrier

Use for Cats

  • Give your cat freedom to roam your garden.
  • Prevent other peoples cats entering your garden.
  • The most economical, inconspicuous, full garden, cat containment you'll find.

Use for Possums

  • Protect individual plants from possums.
  • Economical full yard protection.
  • Recommended by leading landscape gardeners.

Fence-Top Barrier

The “Fence-Top Barrier” (illustrated below) consists of four wires that are tensioned by End Posts and held apart by these Support Brackets. The End Posts are a special copyrighted design incorporating unique electrical wiring that forms part of the barrier.

The fence barrier is designed for existing fences 1.5m or higher. Once installed, it sits a maximum of 18cm above your existing fence. The barrier stops cats and possums going over the fence or possums travelling along the fence.

We recommend that you install the Pingg-String Fence Barrier along the full perimeter of your protected area. Do not leave any gaps that animals could exploit.

The Pingg-String Ground Barrier is powered by the Pingg-String Solar Energiser (sold separately).

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Each 15m (49ft) kit contains:

  • Ten (10) Support Brackets. (230mm * 15mm. Mounting holes 25mm apart).
  • Forty (40) Pingg-String Wire Anchors.
  • One 70m (230ft) roll of Pingg-String Wire.

Pingg-String Design Flexibility

Every installation is different which is why the Pingg-String system can be ordered as components. Order your Pingg-String Energiser plus the number of End Post kits you need.

When ordering this 15m Extension Kit, measure the total distance of the barrier you want to create and make sure you order enough 15m kits to cover that distance. Maximum barrier length is 200m. To simplify your ordering, please use this CALCULATOR.

The Pingg-String Fence-Top Barrier System

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Installation Sequence

Mini fence barrier demonstration

This illustration is a mini “Fence Barrier” through which we will demonstrate the sequence of installation. It represents just one straight section of your fence. In your actual installation you will repeat this on all protected sides of your property.

Basically, you will screw the End Posts #1 and Support Brackets #2 to your fence. You’ll repeat this on all other straight sections of your fence. Then install the four Pingg-Wires, as illustrated,  starting from the top wire down. Once every section is completed, they are connected to each other with a pair of insulated cables #7 so all four wires are energised by the pulse.

End Posts

These are the End Posts. Each straight section of fence will have an End Post at either end. They maintain tension in the four wires. They also connect the wires electrically through the metal discs #4 where the wires are held. Important: End Posts must be fastened to a rigid surface such as timber or metal. You decide whether to fasten these to your fence posts, top rail or the fence. Notice the printed marking “Fence Top”. This is a suggested alignment point to the top of your fence. When aligned to the marker the lower wire will be 1.5cm from the fence top. You can alter this within certain limits. Note: The lowest Pingg-Wire must be no more than 3cm to 4cm above the fence.

Support Bracket

Support Brackets help keep the wires evenly separated and give physical strength to the barrier. The illustration shows one Support Bracket but you’ll install several depending on the distance between the End Posts. Typical spacing is 1.5m but you can install them up to 2.4m if the length of your fence panels dictate this. You can also space them less than 1.5m if you need more physical strength.

Pingg-String Wire

Each set of 4 Pingg-Wires must be installed onto the End Post starting with the top wire and finishing on the bottom wire. This sequence will reduce the chance of over tensioning or having the previous wires go slack. Attach the wire to one end of that section. Walk to the other end while unspooling the Pingg-Wire. Cut the Pingg-Wire allowing enough length to thread through the mounting holes at this end. As you pull the Pingg-Wire through the first hole take up the slack then pull a further 1 or 2 cm to add a little tension to the Pingg-Wire. Do not over tension because it may reduce the life of the wire.

Mounting Holes

Pingg-Wires are threaded through the four mounting holes. The sequence is marked in the illustration. Push the Pingg-Wire through hole A. Then into hole B. Then C and finally D. While threading, make sure no bunching of the wires occurs so the finishing clips will sit neatly. Important: Please complete all wiring exactly as described without short cuts. If you simply tie the Pingg-Wire to one hole your system probably won’t repel properly. It may also generate Radio/TV interference and will need to be redone properly!

Tree Clips & Washers

The Tree Clips and Washers are installed to give a neat visual finish to electrical connections. The Tree Clip is a firm fit into the hole. Press firmly! The Washer is a lighter press fit. We recommend you attach them immediately after installing each Pingg-Wire .

Bracket Clips

Bracket Clips have a slot through which you can pass the Pingg-Wire. These clips push into the holes in the Support Bracket and keep the four Pingg-Wires apart.

Insulated Cable

Insulated Cable connects the End Post to the next adjacent End Post so the puIse continues in the next section. In each End Post Kit you receive two insulated cables about 40cm long. The insulation has been pre-cut 3.5cm from either end to allow easy removal. When you remove this insulation pull off with a twisting motion. This will keep all the fine wires together and make it easy to thread into the End Post. Thread this wire through the four mounting holes using the same method as in point #4.

Customer Reviews

A great product, easy to install and worked exactly as expected. We can leave our cat outside all day when we go to work without a worry.


A great product, my cats and birds are safe from outsiders and I know where my cats are at all times it gives great peace of mind, all cat lovers should have one.


This worked a treat. My garden was ravaged by possums and I had tried every other alternative.( Alarms, sprays,owls etc)... My cat was tempted and jumped up once. She got a little zap, wasn't hurt but also hasn't tried again. So I would recommend this product, it allows pets to be contained safely and keeps the possums out. If you have possum issues, this is the product for you.

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    25 / 42
    Norm Buck
    Rating: 5/5
    Great product
    Great product, very well made and well priced and the bonus is it works. Previously we could not keep our mischievous cat in the yard but since installing suregquard she has not escaped once, Very happy
    Rating: 5/5
    Fantastic product to keep your cat safe, and keep other cats out of your backyard
    My cat has been attacked by other cats twice in the past a few months, she was bitten very badly and got infection, I had to take her to the vet each time, costs were well over $500, not to mention that we had to flush her wound for two weeks to help her to heal, on top of that she was at risk of getting FIV. I looked online for solutions to keep her safe and at the same time to keep other cats out. Plus, I wanted to give her as much as freedom possible hence she loves to have her freedom. So I ruled out the confined netting area because it's limiting her freedom too much, and the fence top netting because that doesn't guarantee to keep other cats out. So I went for Sureguard fence top ping wire system. We ended up installing it by ourselves to save on cost, our garden is about 65 metre of boundary fence, part colorbond, part timber, to simplify it, we used the bird netting to block top of the gate, bought the screws from hardware shop. Total cost was $490 Sureguard including the energizer, plus small cost of screws and drillbit. Which is many times cheaper than the cat nets option. Brad from Sureguard has been wonderful helping me along the way, answered my questions, which made the whole installation smooth. The only thing you need to pay attention to is if there are any gaps between the ping wire and top or edge of fence, no other gaps around fence, no overhanging branches. My cat did get out once because I left a gap and I have since blocked the gap with the plastic gutter guard roll, and she hasn't been able to get out since. And no other cats have been able to come in to bother her either. I am very happy with Sureguard and the help I received from Brad. Highly recommend this product.
    Deborah Wilson
    Rating: 5/5
    Pingg String
    We recently purchased this. It was quite easy to install and doesn’t look bad - you really can hardly see it. It’s only been a few weeks but so far so good!
    Peter Algie
    Rating: 5/5
    Possum relief 2
    Used in our installation to keep possums at bay easy to install great product
    Dave Olds
    Rating: 5/5
    Cat Fence
    I found the product very easy to install . THE CAT has had one attempt to escape and so far so good. A suggestion, When supplying the fence a couple of extra earth rods would not go a stray.
    Dave Olds
    Rating: 5/5
    Cat Fence
    I found the product very easy to install . THE CAT has had one attempt to escape and so far so good.
    Rating: 4/5
    Well-Designed System, End of Pingg Wire a Bit Difficult to Find on the Roll
    Have recently installed 4 sections on a back fence for possum deterrent & operation looks good so far. Installation of the wire was quite straightforward when following the well-written & detailed instructions including the A4 sheet showing the new electrical connection method to the end posts. Suggest updating the large instruction sheet illustrations to match the new connection design as this was initially a bit confusing until the additional A4 sheet was found & studied. Also, the wire end was difficult to find on the very tightly-wound roll. When trying to find the hidden end & tease it out, there was a chance that the multi-strand wire might have become frayed or broken. A high visibility tab attached to the outside wire end (like what is used on a roll of sticky tape) might help users to start unrolling the multi-strand wire without damaging it. I am very happy with the design & quality of the system so far. [Editor: We have new rolls of wire coming soon with an improved end release].
    Serge Navarro
    Rating: 5/5
    Great kit
    I found this kit to be very easy to use, the installation was fairly long given the area but after a few months it seems to be working *fingers crossed* no more critters eating our plants
    Caroline Graham
    Rating: 5/5
    Absolutely love this product
    Finally we can stop the possums eating our plants. Brilliant service too
    Rating: 5/5
    Hi This is my 2nd purchase, very helpful staff & total satisfaction each time
    Rating: 5/5
    Finally found something that works!!
    After many attempts of other options to keep our cat in the backyard. The Suregaurd electric fence finally did the trick. It took a bit of adjusting to ensure that there weren't any sneaky spaces that she could get through. But after a few weeks we had all escape options blocked off. We have had this in for a few months now and are now worry free about our cat getting out. And she gets to enjoy being able to go outside 24/7 now too. Don't bother with anything else...go straight to this product!
    Ross Laws
    Rating: 5/5
    End posts
    Could do with a few spare plugs as when you drop one during install in the garden they are hard to find
    Shane Clark
    Rating: 5/5
    Easy to do
    Keeps my beaglier from climbing over my fence now
    Paul Johnston
    Rating: 5/5
    Great Product
    Easy enough to install, except for some difficulty at a few fence corners due to the orientation and position of corner posts in our situation. We managed a way around it, but used additional end posts to make it work. Unless your fence is perfect and at the same height all around, it's tricky to make corners cat escape-proof. Trees and other obstructions near boundary also make it difficult to contain cats. We had to do a lot of pruning and still not sure we are fully escape proof in progress... Overall seems like a great product!
    Heather Sheard
    Rating: 5/5
    Possum battle
    We had tried everything to deter our local ringtail possums from regarding our new vertical garden as a salad bowl with absolutely no effect. Spikey fences they regarded as gym equipment and sonic devices as disco music. So we installed a Sure Guard fence and they are now staying well clear and our plants are growing back. Success without hurting the cute little critters! We hope they are not considering absailing lessons. Cheers!
    Julian Riekert
    Rating: 5/5
    Poss off!
    This product is great and keeps the possums off your fruit trees (humanely).
    Caroline Graham
    Rating: 5/5
    It really works! Horray.
    I was at my wits end with possums eating our plants and trees along the fence. This is the only products that really worked. It worked immediately and the customer support is brilliant and spot on. Thank you.
    Rating: 5/5
    Fast delivery and great after sales...
    Fast delivery and great after sales support. I emailed Sureguard about a hiccup in the installation and they called straight back. Support was helpful and friendly and problem easily solved. Excellent product that does exactly what it claims to do. My cat has totally given up trying to jump the fence. Would recommend the product. Very happy customer.
    Rating: 5/5
    Can't recommend this product enough! We...
    Can't recommend this product enough! We have 6 oriental cats that were escape artists even with conventional cat fencing. The Sureguard fence has been up for two weeks and none of them will even go within a metre of it. They can enjoy the yard without getting out at all :)
    Rating: 5/5
    This worked a treat. My garden was...
    This worked a treat. My garden was ravaged by possums and I had tried every other alternative.( Alarms, sprays,owls etc) I had a tradie install it because I couldn't be bothered, but it was straightforward. My cat was tempted and jumped up once. She got a little zap, wasn't hurt but also hasn't tried again. So I would recommend this product, it allows pets to be contained safely and keeps the possums out. Customer service was good with backup offered if needed. If you have possum issues, this is the product for you.
    Sharon Mackenzie
    Rating: 5/5
    Excellent service - prompt...
    Excellent service - prompt delivery. We love our cat fence - a great solution for safety for our girls without the need for expensive cages.
    Paul Epay
    Rating: 5/5
    Very impressed, one of the kits was...
    Very impressed, one of the kits was missing the black connectors, after an email they were promptly posted arriving a few days later, with the stresses of moving and keeping our cat safe, your help was wonderful. Thank you
    Rating: 5/5
    The pingg string has stopped both my...
    The pingg string has stopped both my cats jumping the fences. I have full assurance and confidence in the pingg string that we have installed cat doors to allow 24/7 access outside! Ping string was easy to install however the connection to the end posts are very fiddley with the threading of the wire! However the results you get its well worth the time! I was surprised how inconspicuous and neat the finished product was! Highly recommended!!
    Averil Griffiths
    Rating: 5/5
    I purchased the cat ping string...
    I purchased the cat ping string fence. A great product, my cats and birds are safe from outsiders and I know where my cats are at all times it gives great peace of mind, all cat lovers should have one.
    Rating: 5/5
    Works a treat, both catsnow safe and...
    Works a treat, both catsnow safe and sound within the boundaries of the backyard..

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