Ultrasonic Outdoor Bark Control (2-pack)

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Buy 2 or more to control multiple dogs.

Average Rating: 4.4

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Control any number of dogs silently

Stops your dog nuisance barking or neighbourhood dogs

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    8 / 8
    Rating: 5/5
    Noticable results
    A few months ago a woman with 4 utterly untrained and unsocialized dogs bought the house next to my rural block. Peace went out the window, as the dogs stood at the fence and barked non-stop at me, regardless of where I was on 2.5 hectares. I bought two of these ultrasonic devices, to place at each of the two locations where the dogs stand to hurl their ugly, aggressive voices at me. There are no words to describe the elation and pleasure at seeing the odious creatures startle, then turn tail and run away at hearing what must be a sound that is extremely unpleasant for them, triggered by their barking. The tables have turned! Now I tyrannize them with noise - but, just as with the former barking, they are the ones who decide if the tyrannical noise takes place or not. It seems they prefer it doesn't. At the moment I'm seriously considering remembering Sureguard in my will, that's how grateful I am for my peace and quiet being reinstated. I read a few reviews that suggest dogs may get used to the device, or learn to bark in a way that doesn't result in the punitive sound being triggered. I've only just started using mine, so I can't comment on that. I just fervently hope that in the case of these dogs the devices continue to work as well as they do now.
    Andrew Coles
    Rating: 5/5
    Go no further ! This is the product that you want when suffering from nuisance dogs.
    I had suffered for nearly a year from my neighbour's two uncontrolled dogs who barked incessantly and maintained an unmuzzled, unchained roaming, threatening presence. This superb deterrent is all you need to legally and humanely 'teach them a lesson'.
    Rating: 5/5
    I’m so amazed at how well these have worked
    Wow!! I have tried every other product on the market to stop my German Shepard from barking non stop all day and night. My neighbours couldn’t even come into their own back yard without my dog going crazy for hours. It’s as if she got herself worked up and I would be yelling every 10 mins for her to stop. I bought 2 of these 3 days ago. I placed them in the 2 spots where she barked the worst and my dog barked 3 single barks initially and I haven’t heard her bark since.. I’m so amazed at how well these have worked i was so sceptical but so so glad i gave it a try. My neighbour just asked where my dog had gone as she hasn’t made a peep. Not sure how well they work on other breeds but German shepherds has worked it out very quickly! Thanks guys recommending to all
    Rating: 5/5
    Dog barking device
    We have had neighbours who have been unwilling to accept their dogs are nuisance barkers. They have not owned dogs before. This has gone on for a few years. On installing the device, it had an immediate effect it has cut down on 90 % of the barking. Just need to replace the battery very couple of weeks to maintain effective range on high setting. Best $52 I've spent .
    Rating: 4/5
    Mixed results
    My dog has anxiety but given he's taken to barking each morning at 6.00 am I thought I would try this at least. I bought 2. I set them up in my yard. I have 4 neighbours and 3 have dogs but a neighbour a house away also has a dog. Invariably they all bark at some point although my dog barks so much when he wants something he even drives the vet mad. So given he's on some heavy drugs I was hoping, but alas nothing. They had absolutely no effect whatsoever on my dog. However they did stop the neighbourhood dogs barking given I had them both at max levels. So now I know if your dog has true anxiety they don't work at all, but if your dogs normal then they are very effective. I've given them to 2 friends as one has a barking puppy and the other has a neighbours dog that barks. Funnily enough the neighbourhood dogs have just started barking again - but not to the intensity that had previously. I guess they're just building back up to normal.
    Lindy Bailey
    Rating: 4/5
    Pleased with the result
    Purchased 2 of these, thought they were worth a try. I'm pleased with the results,.It hasn't completely stopped our little Moodle from barking but it has certainly improved by 75%.We found that lowering the devise helped as well (note for smaller dogs)
    Susan Johnson
    Rating: 5/5
    This stopped my border collie barking within one day, my Moodle and the annoying dogs next door took a few days longer to stop barking but this device works a treat, our house is so peaceful now. Several of my friends are going to purchase these as they’ve seen the difference with my dogs
    Cheryl Smith
    Rating: 2/5
    We bought these a couple of weeks ago and within days i thought the dogs were barking for shorter lengths of time but weeks later im not sure they're working at all.

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