Ultrasonic Outdoor Bark Control (2-pack)

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Average Rating: 3.7

Better by Sureguard

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Control any number of dogs silently

Stops your dog nuisance barking or neighbourhood dogs

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    3 / 3
    Lindy Bailey
    Rating: 4/5
    Pleased with the result
    Purchased 2 of these, thought they were worth a try. I'm pleased with the results,.It hasn't completely stopped our little Moodle from barking but it has certainly improved by 75%.We found that lowering the devise helped as well (note for smaller dogs)
    Susan Johnson
    Rating: 5/5
    This stopped my border collie barking within one day, my Moodle and the annoying dogs next door took a few days longer to stop barking but this device works a treat, our house is so peaceful now. Several of my friends are going to purchase these as they’ve seen the difference with my dogs
    Cheryl Smith
    Rating: 2/5
    We bought these a couple of weeks ago and within days i thought the dogs were barking for shorter lengths of time but weeks later im not sure they're working at all.

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