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Secure CC Payment for Overseas Quotations

1/ Make sure you start with an empty cart.

2/ Place one of this item into your cart. Then the "Shopping Cart" page will display with "Total AU$1.00". This amount is for pre-processing.

3/ Press button "Process Checkout".

4/ Enter your email address specified on your quotation.

5/ Press button "Send Code". A one-time password will be sent to you. Check the email.

6/ Enter the Verification Code and press button "Confirm".

7/ The next page is "Your Address". This should already be filled in as shown on your quotation. If necessary, you can edit this page and it will be stored for next time.

8/ Press button "Confirm Address"

9/ The next page is called "Select Options Below". Do the following:

9A/ Copy and Paste the instructions we gave you when we sent your quotation into the field called "Special Delivery Instructions".

9B/ Make sure "Credit Card" is selected.  Then press "Pay Now". (IMPORTANT: DO NOT select PayPal).

9B/ The next page is "Credit Card Details". Enter your card details, then press button "Confirm" to complete the transaction.

Your Card will be billed with the amount shown on your quotation.